Genshin Impact is an RPG game. The player goes on a journey through the world of Genshin with his pet wyvern. It has been released for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Its latest version was published on 2015-06-27 (on iOS)

The player starts the game in the village of Orpha. He needs to find the farmer and talk to him about a “promising place” in order to leave Orpha and start his journey. Genshin Impact is MMO RPG game which you can play with players all over the world. And we introduce about “Farm and Buy Carrot”.

You can obtain exp and cash by “Farming Carrot”.

And sell to NPC shop, You can obtain gold or other items. By this way you don’t need to spend your own money.

You can farm them as many as you want without effecting your farming time. So that, You don’t need to buy carrot from other players for gold !

Carrot respawn time is 30 minutes. And it will be reset at 0:00 (GMT), 18:00 (JST) everyday.

If you farm them it wear off your farming time.

You can check your farming time by talking to NPC “Kotaro-San” at Farm Area.

 How to play

Open Map and click “Teleport Gate”, You can move to the farm area. Then you have a choice to go back from farm area by clicking Back Gate.

In farm area, you have a choice to “Farm Carrot” or “Back”. You can obtain Farming time by farming carrot.

Farming Areas

Hyuga Area – Farm Interval: 15 minutes

By farm Interval, we mean that every 15 minutes, the farming area changes to another place. This is why you can farm carrot as many as you want without effecting your farming time and your inventory.

 How to obtain gold

Clicking on NPC “Kotaro-San”, You can earn gold.

You will receive many random items if you give him one carrot. It’s probably not worth it to sell directly to him, but if the random items contain some items, then it might be worth it (Like HP potions or MP potions).  And he does buy your carrot for 50g per one carrot.

 How to obtain exp

If you talk to him, the longer you hold the button, the more exp he gives you. You can get a maximum of 5k exp per one interaction with him. You don’t need to interact with NPC every time when your farming time comes back. Just talking once at beginning is fine. It’s a really good idea to wait before talking to him in order not to waste your exp.

You can check the time by pressing the button below “EXP Bar” on top of your screen. And then you know when your farming time comes back again. So, if you farm carrot in this interval, it’s no need to talk to him again. That’s all about Farm and Buy Carrot in Genshin Impact.


So, if you farm them it wear off your farming time. If the items you get don’t contain any item you need, then it’s probably not worth it to sell him one carrot directly (Except for HP and MP potions).


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