Do you ever feel like something is missing when playing games in Roblox? Well, there is! I am going to teach you how to customize your avatar in Roblox. All of this starts with the “Build” button on the homepage. It’s where you build all of your games and creations on ROBLOX!

What You Need to Know

You have to be a member in order for this guide to work. – Roblox is a virtual gaming platform where people of all ages can play games created by other users and create their own.  It’s popular among preteenagers and teenagers because it has a wide variety of games to play on.  It’s also popular because it’s available on most desktop and smart phone operating systems. – Build is the first button you see when you open the Roblox website or app.

  • There are different tabs to find clothing, gear, and accessories for your character.  You can search by type of item (top, bottom, face, etc.) and by color.  You will also notice that there are different categories such as “best sellers” and “most popular.”
  • There is no need to spend money on Roblox. – The only thing you can buy with money is Builders Club (BC). – BC lets you do special things like choose your own colors for hats.  It also lets you buy premium clothing that, along with other rare clothing, will not be available to people without BC (just like the “best sellers” category).
  • You can customize your avatar by clicking on the shirt icon.  You should see a picture of three people at the top of the screen.  This will open up a menu to change your shirt, pants, shoes, and hat!
  • You can also customize your player with accessories such as glasses, earrings and facial hair.

How to Take Your Hair Off in Roblox

If you want to take your hair off, the process is pretty simple. First of all, you need to press ESC.

Then go into character and press F4 which opens up the camera mode.  From there it takes a lot of practice and patience to get the angles right but what you want to do is disconnect your face from the hair/hat mesh.  You do this by clicking on the big yellow arrow that is circled in red.

  • You want to click the arrows until your face looks like it’s not touching anything from the front view.  It can be a bit tricky but, if done right, you will have no hat or hair.
  • If you have a long hair or a pony tail, it may be easier to click on the big yellow arrow until your character’s head moves back all the way.  After clicking the arrow, move the camera around and make sure your avatar looks normal from all angles.
  • You can also edit other parts of your avatar such as the face, skin color, gender, etc.

How to Choose the Right Clothes and Accessories for Your Avatar

Choosing the right clothes and accessories for your avatar can be tricky.  Different outfits can change how others see you and how you view yourself.

It’s best to keep things simple and don’t wear too much at once or else it will look like a mess!  For example, if you want to wear a green shirt, black pants, and black shoes, don’t wear sunglasses or anything like that.    

If you want to get really creative, I would recommend mixing and matching to find the right colors that go together.  You can use different tools such as color wheel picker or color sample to choose what colors you want.

All in all, it is easy to customize your avatar but takes a lot of time to get it how you want it!  

How to Change Your Avatar’s Gender or Skin Color

Changing your avatar’s gender or skin color is an easy task.  Most people want to do this so they can wear different types of clothing that was not created for their current gender.

To change your skin color, find the green guy with glasses and click him.  This will open up the menu to choose a new skin tone such as pink, green, yellow, etc.  There is also the option to choose no skin tone which makes your avatar look like a white guy.

You can change your gender by clicking on the guy with boobs and changing it to a girl or vice versa.

Note: Some people only use their avatar for dressing up and do not care about the skin color or gender.


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