Devil May Cry 5 is one of the most exciting games to come out this year, but it can be hard for players who don’t want to spend money on upgrades. The good news is that there are several ways in which you might farm red orbs without actually playing Devil May Cry 5!

What are red orbs and what do they do in Devil May Cry 5?

Red orbs are the currency in Devil May Cry 5. They can be used to upgrade your weapons and learn new moves, as well as buy items like healing potions, devil breaker parts, and more. These are very valuable for players who have yet to unlock everything!

How to farm red orbs quickly and easily

There are a few ways to farm red orbs quickly and easily in Devil May Cry 5. The first is to replay levels you’ve already completed on a higher difficulty. This will reward you with more red orbs for your efforts. Another way to get lots of red orbs quickly is to participate in the Bloody Palace mode. This mode is unlocked after completing the game, and it offers a challenging set of levels where you can earn lots of rewards. Finally, another great way to farm red orbs is by playing the Vergil’s Downfall DLC. This DLC offers an alternate story where you play as Vergil and can earn lots of rewards. You can even unlock a new super move and gain some vital combat experience!

Tips for maximizing your orb farming efficiency

If you want to farm red orbs, here are a few tips that can help maximize your efficiency:

Spend all of your red orbs. Don’t hold on to them and wait for the best items before spending them. The sooner you spend them, the more orbs you will have for future purchases.

If you’re farming red orbs, don’t immediately upgrade your health and devil breaker. Instead invest most of your early upgrades into the moves and weapons that give out the most red orbs per use.

Don’t buy items and devil breaker parts until you absolutely need them. You can learn to play Devil May Cry 5 without buying lots of potions, but if you take lots of damage and die frequently, it might be a good idea to budget for at least one potion.

dmc 5 where the red orbs grow

In Devil May Cry 5, the best place to farm red orbs is in the Red Orbs Growing area. This area is located in the Upper Gardens, and it’s a great spot to farm because enemies drop lots of orbs when killed. Make sure you equip the “Royal Guard” style so you can gather up all of the orbs they drop!

Which enemies drop the most Red Orbs

The enemies that drop the most red orbs in the Red Orbs Growing area are the blue butterflies. Make sure you take them down quickly to get as many orbs as possible!

How to get more Red Orbs from Secret Missions

Secret missions are another great place to farm orbs. If you want to get lots of red orbs from secret missions, try changing the path in the Secret Mission menu so that it is easier for you to complete. For example, if your character isn’t strong enough or strong against the type of enemy the mission requires, change it so that your character is a bit stronger.


Devil May Cry 5 is a challenging but rewarding game, and there are many different ways to farm red orbs without playing the game. By following the tips in this article, you should be able to get all of the upgrades you need for your weapons and characters without spending too much time or money.


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