The Dawning has started and with the new event comes the much awaited Prismatic Matrix, which lets you receive an engram that can potentially yield Exotics. However, these are not your typical engrams as they require Silver (the in game currency) for each time you want to spin the Prismatic Matrix.

Fortunately, a new Exotic is also available from Eververse called Umbral Engram which guarantees an Exotic from the recent expansion and has better odds at receiving Year 1 gear compared to most of the other shaders and ornaments they have been selling recently.

Where to decode umbral engrams

Upon receiving Umbral Engram, if it is not an Exotic that you already have or you do not want, right click and choose “decode” to summon your Cryptarch (Master Rahool). Right clicking will eventually decode the engram into glimmer but this way, since it’s an Exotic engram you can save time by not having to wait for resource collection and immediately get a chance at an Exotic.

There is a possibility that you’ll receive an item that will only decrypt into glimmer, which if this happens just save all your Umbral engrams until the next reset as they’ll have better chances of yielding something useful.

What are the Prismatic Recaster and Umbral Engrams?

With The Dawning comes the Prismatic Matrix which is a new feature added to the Eververse store. They are essentially engrams that can yield various items such as shaders and ornaments but instead of costing Bright dust, they cost Silver. So if you’re wondering why there’s no way you can buy shaders and ornaments for Bright Dust, it’s because Bungie has made a move to shift players from using bright dust as their currency and use Silver from now on.

Why is it called the Prismatic Matrix?

The name comes from the prismatic facet which is a part of an optical lens where light enters or exits at different angles. In Destiny 2’s case, players are entering the Prismatic Matrix for a chance to receive various items.

How to get a Prismatic Recaster

In order to use the Prismatic Matrix, you’ll need a Prismatic Facet, which you can purchase from Eververse for 50 Silver. Each time you recast the Prismatic Matrix it will cost 1 Prismatic Facet and will yield various items such as ornaments and shaders.

How long does a single Prismatic Matrix last?

If you’re wondering how long a Prismatic Matrix will stay open, it’s 4 hours and 30 minutes upon purchase. This is enough time to recast the Prismatic matrix 7 times which should yield you at least one Exotic or very close to an exotic if we follow this probability.

Where you can find more information on Destiny 2’s newest features

Destiny 2’s newest Raid, the  Leviathan  has been released and it is filled with brand new experiences. Although its challenges are very difficult for casual players to take on alone, there are always friends who will be happy to assist you in defeating them. To help you get started, below are some guides that will assist you in getting to know the raid better.

How to get started with Destiny 2’s new Raid, The Leviathan

The Leviathan Raid is now available for players who have finished the main story of Destiny 2. If you are not quite there yet but would like to participate, fret not! You can always team up with your friends to get the ball rolling.


Destiny 2’s newest expansion, The Dawning comes with various new and exciting content and equipment. If you’re eager to get your hands on these items, we recommend that you head to Eververse and use the Prismatic Matrix as much as possible before its gone. It will definitely be worth it! So make sure to check back here for more Destiny 2 news & guides on our homepage!


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