When Pokemon Go was released it had some servers problems, but on the other hand there were people who found workarounds to play the game on an unsupported territory. Since then, Niantic has fixed most of these bugs and only allows access to the game in countries where it is available officially.

As you know, using public or private cheats and hacks, it is possible to trick the game into thinking that you are somewhere else than where you actually are. There are some tutorials on how this can be done with root tools like Xposed Framework or Magisk (if your smartphone system doesn’t support root) but there is also an easier solution – using VPNs services.

Where do you get pokemon go promo codes

Those who are well versed in the world of cheats and hacks have probably heard that there are some websites out there that generate Pokemon promo codes for free. We do not recommend you to use these cheats, because they usually contain malware or cause your account to get banned.

Pokemon Generator No Survey No Password

If you want to be 100% safe it is much better to buy an official Pokemon Go account with high level and all services already activated. For example this one currently costs around 20$. It also has x2 Lucky Eggs which are stopped being given out to new profiles.

Pokemon Go Hacks

VPN services allow you to trick the game into thinking that your IP address belongs to a specific country or carrier. It is also possible to increase the rate of your “speed” which basically let’s you move within the augmented reality world of Pokemon Go at a much faster pace. After activating this “speed” booster, it is possible to escape from most of the restrictions that limit your gameplay.

How to get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

If you want to play the game without restrictions, it is best to use a VPN with servers located in Asia and Oceania. For example ExpressVPN has all of them and there are also some alternative services that can be found on Google.

Pokemon Go Hack Cheats No Survey No Password iPhone/iOS

Now it is possible to get rid of all the limitations and use cheats and hacks in Pokemon Go. Using a VPN will most likely not give you an advantage over other players but it can be useful if you want to play without getting constantly disturbed by the GPS signal loss, which makes catching Pokemons almost impossible at times.

Pokemon Go Cheats, Hack, Lucky Eggs

All the services mentioned in this article are tested by us and we can vouch for their safety. Let’s start using cheats and hacks in Pokemon Go before Niantic locks them down. The game developers made it clear that they do not like third-party software interfering with their game engine. They can’t even prevent people from using root tools and installing Magisk, so the only thing we can do is try to avoid getting our accounts banned.

Cheats and Hack to get Pokecoins?

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At first glance, “Pokemon Go” may appear to be a simple mobile game. But as a huge new world opens up, it’s clear that there’s something much more complex going on. According to some of the people who have been playing “Pokemon Go” for a while now, there are some real-life dangers even more scary than Team Rocket.


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