As you all know, the cost of Heirloom Shards is currently jumping at a rate that was not expected by anyone. This has made it hard for players to afford the new heirlooms without spending real money on gold auction house or suffer through playing extremely boring content over and over again for their faction’s Kirin Tor emissary.

We have a solution to that! No, we are not going to sit here and beg you guys to buy our crazy expensive guide. We have just the right amount of heirlooms as a fresh level 80 character who has nothing on them except what Blizzard gave us for free – 5 Heirloom shields/trinkets/rings.

how much does an apex heirloom cost?

These are the 5 Heirlooms that we have on our character which is sitting at level 80 currently. Blizzard gave us this for free just by leveling up! So you can imagine how much grinding it must take to get so many heirlooms if you don’t have them already. Now that we have shown you our awesome and awesomely cheap heirlooms, let’s get on with the guide.

Farm for resources and sell them on the Auction House:

This is probably one of the cheapest and time effective methods to get gold. Farming for cloth and turn it in for the Kirin Tor should be your main objective while you are leveling up. While farming, it is also wise to farm for other resources such as enchanting materials for better gear enchants which will help you level faster or gold. The same goes for leveling mining or any other gathering profession prospecting gold ore

Buy resources from other players on the Auction House:

This is not as effective as farming but it will lower the hassle of looking for resources which you can farm or buy from other players. You can register on public trade chat and ask for people to sell their surplus materials that they gathered while leveling up. This method allows you to get more materials which also means faster leveling. The only downside is that sometimes the price of the materials you buy will be higher than if you went out and farmed it yourself.

Defeat world bosses and raid bosses for Heirloom Shards:

A great way to get Heirlooms if you are lucky is by farming World Bosses and Raid Bosses. It takes a lot of time but it will be rewarding in the end once you have your full heirloom set. Farming these bosses might require you to use console cheats or at least some type of botting software to stay at the boss while your character does all the damage.

With the release of Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard has introduced a new type of currency called Reputation. Each reputation faction guides you through various adventures and tasks so that you can earn reputation points which later can be turned in for rewards such as heirloom gear or mounts.

Complete weekly quests for Heirloom Shards:

This is the easiest way to get Heirlooms since you no longer have to farm or buy resources. You just need to complete your weekly quests and voila! You already earned yourself some gold for the week. The only setback with this method is that Blizzard doesn’t allow you to stack up multiple weekly quests which means if you are on the last week, you will do a lot of farming for resources or buy them from other players.


This is just a quick heads-up about our cheap and efficient way to get Heirlooms in time for Wrath of the Lich King. If you are having trouble leveling up fast enough or farming gold, these methods might help you ease your leveling experience at least until Blizzard decides to lower the price of Heirlooms because right now it is a major turn off to the majority of casual players.


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