If you saw my last post, I recently went to PAX South and got some time with the Monster Crown team. It was great seeing everyone again and getting a chance to ask them about their progress working on the game. Fortunately, they were able to make some time for me; even if it meant carrying me through the end of the game like they did before. I’m kidding (or am I?).

I’ll admit it; I was very worried that playing through Monster Crown without my family would be a boring experience. That wasn’t the case at all! The game has changed so much since PAX East 2017 and even though there are some characters missing, it’s definitely worth playing. I’ll get to why below, but first…some news!

indivisible how to get all characters

Let me start this article by saying that I still think Monster Crown is a good game. It’s roughly the same length as the PAX East demo and it might actually be better since they toned down some of the difficulty (I’m not sure about this since I haven’t experienced any difficulty yet). But there are some definite changes that players should be aware of.

Why you should cut your character list

As the game progresses, the list of characters you can play as will be narrowed down. The main reason is because they want to make sure there are enough monsters (and monster combos) in each area for variety and viability. I’m not entirely sure if this has been implemented yet, but I was told that it would work like Pokemon where certain characters will only appear in certain locations. This is very similar to how they handled these characters in the PAX East demo where only one character per species was available.

How to cut your character list

Don’t worry, you will still get to play with all your characters. All the cut characters are available at the start of the game and they can be used in any playthrough. You’ll have to go out of your way to unlock them again by triggering specific flags. There is one flag for each combination of playable characters that’s currently not in the game.

For example, if you wanted to use Spade again, you would need to trigger the following flags;

-Spade must be in your party (you can do this by simply making him an active member of your party)

-Hubba Hubba must also be in your party

-You’ll need to finish the areas associated with each one:

-Hubba Hubba’s is the Mysterious Jungle and Spade’s is…anywhere else so long as he’s alive

What to do with the characters you’ve cut

This is very important! If you’ve ever played any Neptunia game, you probably know how to unlock characters early. Monster Crown doesn’t have an event menu so there are no keys to collect in-game. Instead, use F5 to open up the debug console. From here, type in “event” then hit enter twice with no spaces. You’ll see a list of pre-programmed flags like “eventflag” and “trigger” in the console. First, trigger all the flags you want unlocked (you can just copy/paste them if you want to be efficient) then save your game.

Tips for redesigning your characters

Don’t worry, I have some good news. There are two ways to redesign your characters in Monster Crown! The first one isn’t that great for people who want their original designs back, but it works. If you want to start over with the same ol’ character design then all you have to do is save before triggering any flags and you can just copy/paste all of your changes back into the game.

The second way is a little trickier since it requires some actual work, but it’s a lot better if you want to change things up a bit. If you’re feeling crafty and want to design your own character from scratch, you can!


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