On the 1st of June, 2016 at 9:00 am, Mr. Shigeki Urakami, a representative from Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd. visited Nippon Club in Singapore to deliver a lecture on “Gold and Silver Combination”. Approximately 40 members attended this event.

A brief introduction of the history of Mitsui was given. The Mitsui group began its business in 1673 which is 300 years ago. It is the oldest trading company in Japan and also one of the most powerful companies in Japan, with 2,000 offices over 130 nations spread over 6 continents. Mr Urakami works at Chuo Mitsui Building in Tokyo.

what color does silver and gold make?

that may vary depending on different factors. usually, gold has a yellowish hue (it’s like the element of fire) while silver has a grayish white tone (the element of water). when you mix gold & silver together, they produce an alloy which is known as “white gold.” however, that’s not to say you have to have a white silver alloy. usually the color of gold & silver are technically made up of “primary colors” which are red, blue or yellow. This explains why some people find their white gold very different from another person’s white gold. it really depends on the primary colors used to make the alloy. if you go to a jeweler, they may be able to tell what colors were used to make your white gold ring.


He mainly talked about the process of making a Gold and Silver alloy bar, which is “911” or 999 fine gold, with 9 parts out of 1000 being silver for added durability. The process involves many steps from melting the metals to cooling them down before they are ready to be used as bars. It takes about 3 months to produce of this alloy bar.

The main purpose of using silver in the Gold and Silver alloy bars is so that the bars do not tarnish easily, which would make them easier to be distributed worldwide at a lower price for fair trade. The gold content in Gold and Silver alloy bars is so fine with 99.9% purity that it will not be affected by the humidity.

The price of gold is quite volatile, and there are some factors to consider when deciding upon how much gold should be purchased. There are 3 factors to consider: (1) where you want your wealth stored (for example in Singapore, if you put it in a bank, the interest rate is very low; whereas, if you purchase land in Singapore, the value will appreciate over time); (2) The amount of risk you are willing to take (the share market has a higher return but also involves more risk); (3) Whether you want your wealth be stored in paper money or gold.

Some members purchased Gold and Silver alloy bars during the event.

The gold is from Australia, and the silver from Canada. The color of the Gold and Silver alloy bar comes from the copper that is added to give it a yellowish hue. In conclusion, Mr Urakami’s presentation was very interesting and it was a good learning experience for everyone in the audience.


In conclusion, Mr Urakami’s presentation was very interesting and it was a good learning experience for everyone in the audience.

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