Did you know that the legendary recording artist, Marvin Gaye, made his debut at the tender age of 19 as a member of the Moonglows? His talented vocals captured the hearts of many and helped propel him into a solo career. In this article we profile some other fascinating Marvin Gaye facts that capture his essence.

Marvin Gaye made his first recording appearance in 1955 at the age of 19 with the group, The Moonglows. He stayed with the legendary R&B band until 1959 when he signed with Motown Records and released his solo debut, “The Soulful Moods of Marvin Gaye.”

how tall was marvin gaye?

Marvin Gaye was 5 ft. 11 in. tall.

How did Marvin Gaye die?

On April 1, 1984, the soul legend was shot dead by his own father after an argument turned physical during a family dispute at their Los Angeles home. Three weeks later, the singer’s father was declared criminally insane and sent to a mental institution.

Who is Marvin Gaye’s son?

Marvin Gaye Jr. is the singer’s only child with his first wife, Anna Gordy Gaye (the sister of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy). Their marriage was short-lived and they divorced in January 1964. They had one child together, a daughter named Nona.

Did Marvin Gaye have a child with Janis Hunter?

On May 19, 1970, Marvin Gaye welcomed a son named Frankie Christian Gaye with his second wife, Janis Hunter. When he was only 18 months old however, the infant died of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

What was Marvin Gaye’s cause of death?

Marvin Gaye was fatally shot by his own father, Marvin Gay Sr., in the early morning hours of April 1, 1984 after an argument escalated into physical violence. It is believed that the young Sunday school teacher came to the defense of his mother and when gunshots were fired, Gaye was struck in the left shoulder. His father fired a second shot that pierced through the singer’s body and into his chest. Gaye was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival at 1:01 p.m.

When did Marvin Gaye die?

Marvin Gaye died on April 1, 1984 at the age of 44.

What is Marvin Gaye’s middle name?

Marvin Pentz Gay Jr. was born with the full name of Marvin Pentz Gay Jr. on April 2, 1939 in Washington, D.C.

How did Marvin Gaye die?

In 1984, Marvin Gay Sr., a retired truck driver and former minister, shot his son to death at their home in Los Angeles after an argument. In a trial that was delayed for two years because he had been declared mentally incompetent, Gay Sr. was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to six years in prison.

In what year did Marvin Gaye released his album “What’s Going On?”

Marvin Gaye’s 1971 solo album, What’s Going On, was an instant success and yielded two top ten singles, “What’s Going On” and “Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology),” a socially conscious song about the environment.

Did Marvin Gaye have a son?

Marvin Gaye Jr. is the singer’s only child with his first wife, Anna Gordy Gaye (the sister of Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records). They married in 1964 and had one child together. Sadly, their infant son died at the age of 18 months from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in 1970.

What was Marvin Gaye’s profession?

Marvin Gaye was a soul singer and songwriter who was also a member of The Moonglows and worked for Motown Records.

What did Marvin Gaye die from?

On April 1, 1984, Marvin Gaye was shot dead by his father during a heated argument at their home in Los Angeles. The soul legend was hit with two bullets: one that grazed his cheek and the other that penetrated his shoulder before lodging in his chest. Gaye was rushed to the hospital but died on arrival at 1:01 p.m. He was 44 years old.


The real question is why these people put their hands on the person they claim to love. No one has a right to abuse another human being. This information was somewhat interesting since it isn’t told very often. I learned a lot about this famous singer and more of what type of man he was.


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