In AFK Arena, the main way to earn rewards and progress in the game is by playing the Campaign mode. In this mode, you are given a set of objectives to complete, and upon completion of each objective, you are rewarded with Gold, Heroes, and other goodies. The rewards get better as you progress further in the Campaign.

In this guide, I will describe the gameplay aspects of AFK Arena that are not fully explained in the tutorial. I will present some strategies that can help you progress faster and earn better rewards from each objective as well as strategies that will allow you to conserve Gold and avoid spending Gems on Heroes. Of course, it is important to note that these strategies are by no means necessary to progress in the game; they simply allow you to save resources and conserve time.

how to enhance gear in afk arena

One way is by simply playing Campaign Mode multiple times. You may not be able to earn enough Gold for the best gear by just playing Campaign mode, but you can use the excess Gold to buy Stamina potions in order to keep playing. Another effective way of earning Gold quickly is by completing specific quests that reward large amount of Gold. The Arena Shop also has a few items that are really cheap and can be purchased for Gold. One of the cheapest items is the Alchemy Book, which costs 35 Gems and can be sold back to the shop for 30,000 Gold. The main thing you should know when using the Arena Shop is that it does not sell gear or potions above rarities A or B. Keep in mind that you need at least 13,400 Gold to purchase the most expensive Arena Shop item for 35 Gems, so it’s really worth waiting until you have enough Gold or buying Stamina potions.


Each Campaign mode map consists of 10 levels. You begin at level 1 and will advance to level 2 after completing the objective in that level. From then on, you will be matched with players who are one level higher than you. If you complete your objective before anyone else completes their’s, you can move up to face increasingly stronger opponents until the objective is finished. An additional reward will be given to you if you manage to defeat the boss before anyone else does.

Classes and Abilities

In AFK Arena, there are two main classes: Warriors and Mages. Each class has its own set of abilities that helps it in different ways. The warrior class is the most defensive one; it has high HP and can inflict powerful blows to enemies. On the other hand, mages have low HP but make up for it with their ability to inflict area damage. Spells are always more powerful than regular attacks, but they cost mana to use and must recharge after being casted.

The abilities are the same for all Heroes; you cannot choose abilities to equip. There are only three abilities:

  • ATTACK: Deals damage to one enemy unit.
  • TARGETED ATTACK: Deals splash damage (area of effect) to surrounding enemies and slows their movement speed. This ability can be used without cost as long as there is enough mana.
  • SELECT TARGET: Targets an enemy unit for a weaker version of targeted attack. You can use it but you don’t have to if there are no units close enough to your hero within the range of regular attack.

Every time you level up, you will be given five upgrade points that can be used on any ability.


In order to make a well balanced team, you should have at least one warrior and at least one mage. If you intend to complete objectives as fast as possible, a good strategy is to find a way to maximize the efficiency of your abilities. You should focus on one ability and upgrade it to the maximum level as soon as possible.


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