In the third book of The Odyssey, Telemachus encounters a series of obstacles and plot twists that is not fully explained until later in the story.
Athena helps him navigate these challenges by giving him advice from her wisdom, which was gained by experience as well as through guidance from Zeus.

The “the odyssey book 3 questions and answers” is a question that has been asked for a long time. In the third book of the Odyssey, Athena helps Telemachus by giving him advice on how to get back home from Troy.

How does Athena help Telemachus in Book 3? |

Book 3’s summary

Despite Telemachus’ lack of public speaking experience, Mentor gives him the confidence he needs to approach Nestor, the city’s ruler, and inquire about Odysseus. He adds he can only hope that Athena will treat Telemachus as well as she treated Odysseus.

How does Athena assist Telemachus in this manner?

information on Expert Answers In a variety of methods, Athena assists Telemachus in preparing for his encounter with Nestor. In her first encounter with Telemachus, she aides in instilling in him the confidence and aggressiveness necessary to stand up to the suitors and begin the quest for his father.

In addition, how does Athena assist Odysseus? Athena is the goddess of knowledge, intentional combat, and the womanly arts. She is the daughter of Zeus. Throughout the epic, Athena provides heavenly assistance to Odysseus and Telemachus, and she represents them in the gods’ conferences on Mount Olympus. She often disguises herself as Mentor, an old acquaintance of Odysseus.

So, why is Athena assisting Odysseus and Telemachus?

Athena visits Telemachus in order to help Odysseus return home. Poseidon, who despises Odysseus and has imprisoned him on the island of Ogyia for seven years, has prevented Odysseus from returning to his hometown. Athena asks a council of gods for assistance, and Zeus agrees to aid her.

What is Athena’s goal in communicating with Telemachus in Book 1? What advice does she give?

Book 1, lines 296-97, contains Athena’s instruction to Telemachus. “You should not continue clinging to your childhood,” she says, implying that the time has come for him to put his childhood behind and become a man. Odysseus, Telemachus’ father, had been gone for 19 years when Athena whispers these words to him.

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What caused Athena’s death?

Both the original God and Goddess of War perished with her. Athena’s preferred weapons were two swords, however she sometimes wielded a spear and shield in Greek mythology. The loss of knowledge for all humans was the outcome of Athena’s death.

Who was responsible for Telemachus’ death?

The Telegony was a two-book epic poem that chronicled Odysseus’ life and death following the events of the Odyssey. Odysseus is inadvertently slain by Telegonus, the goddess Circe’s mysterious son, in this mythical postscript.

What role does Athena play in the Odyssey?

In The Odyssey, Athena serves as Odysseus’ guardian goddess, assisting him in returning safely to Ithaca and ridding his palace of the suitors. Athena first asks Zeus to intercede on Odysseus’ behalf, expressing her worry for him.

What does Telemachus stand for in Greek mythology?

Telemachus is Odysseus’ son in Greek mythology. Odysseus carried the dolphins’ insignia as a symbol on his shield because Telemachus was rescued by dolphins as a newborn when he plunged into the sea. Telemachus is a Greek name that meaning “far from combat.”

What does Athena have to say to Telemachus?

Athena tells him to assemble a crew to sail to Pylos, then Sparta, in pursuit of Odysseus-related knowledge. She advises Telemachus that he must revenge his father by murdering the suitors who defame the estate, similar to how Prince Orestes avenged his father’s death by killing his father’s killer.

What is Athena’s name?

Athena, also known as Athene, is a powerful goddess who is responsible for a variety of things. Wisdom, bravery, inspiration, culture, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill are all goddesses to her.

What makes Telemachus so devoted?

Telemachus, too, demonstrates his devotion to his family by attempting to get information about his absent father rather than giving up and partying with the suitors at his home.

What is Telemachus’ age?

Explanation and Answer:

In The Odyssey, Telemachus is between the ages of twenty and twenty-one. His precise age is unknown. When his father departed for the war, he was a baby.

Why did Athena pay Telemachus a visit?

Telemachus, a devout son, refuses to cast his mother out and prays to the gods to punish the suitors. As Telemachus prepares for his journey to Pylos and Sparta, Athena pays him another visit, this time in the disguise of Mentor, another of Odysseus’ old friends. She bolsters his confidence and forecasts that his adventure will be rewarding.

What was Poseidon’s punishment for Odysseus?

He and his troops returned home after the fall of Troy without paying appropriate homage to Poseidon. Poseidon punished Odysseus with a ten-year trip back to Ithaca as a result of this. The blindness of the Cyclops, Polyphemus (also known as Polyphemus), who was the son of Poseidon, is one of the insults.

What happens to Odysseus once he dies?

When Telegonus 3 arrived in Ithaca, he drove away some of the livestock, and when Odysseus protected them, Telegonus 3 injured him with his spear, which was barbed with the spine of a stingray, and Odysseus died as a result of the wound. Others, on the other hand, believe Odysseus died of old age, as Tiresias foretold.

Did Athena assist Odysseus in returning home?

When Odysseus was confined on Calypso’s island, she aided him. Zeus sends Hermes to Calypso to inform her to release Odysseus so he may return home, after she pleaded with her father (Zeus) to assist him. Calypso is forced by Hermes to allow Odysseus to return home.

Does Athena assist Odysseus in the assassination of suitors?

Telemachus and Athena (dressed as Mentor), two of Odysseus’ attendants, battle alongside him to murder the suitors. What role does Athena play in Odysseus’ struggle against the suitors? Odysseus is helped by Athena, who motivates him. He has them clean up all of the deceased suitors’ blood before hanging them.

Who is Athena’s husband?

Hephaestus is Athena’s celestial spouse.

What is Athena’s method of disguising Odysseus?

The goddess Athena disguises Odysseus as a beggar and assists him in plotting his retribution against the suitors wooing his bride. He doesn’t disguise himself; Athena does it for him, and he also hides his true identity at her request.

In the Odyssey, who does Athena disguise herself as?

(King of the Taphians) Mentes

What does Penelope represent?

Penelope is generally seen as a symbol of connubial loyalty due to her attempts to avoid remarriage.


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