To revel is to enjoy something with intense pleasure or enthusiasm. Reveling in a sentence means you like it, probably because of its meaning. The word “revel” comes from the French verb reguer, which means to amuse oneself by showing off one’s knowledge or skill.

The “revel in meaning” is a word that can be used in many different ways. It can be used to describe something that is really exciting, or it can also mean to get drunk.

How do you use revel in a sentence? |

Examples of Sentences

  1. You take pleasure in their pleasant ideas.
  2. They were not enthralled with bloodshed.
  3. In 1284, he held a spectacular tournament or revel to mark his conquest of Wales.
  4. I’m going to climb Parnassus’ double top, and I’m going to wallow in Tempe’s pleasures.”

Also, what does it mean to take pleasure in something?

revel. To revel implies to be ecstatic. You’re not simply delighted or even enthusiastic when you revel in something; you’re overcome with pleasure. It used to be associated with wild revelry. It now means to bask in your own pleasure’s self-reflected light.

What is the best way to utilize the word phantasm in a sentence? What is the best way to utilize phantasm in a sentence? He was a phantasm, an apparition, a spirit, anything except their Master, they thought. I saw a grotesque phantasm of a man stretched out, then exhibit indications of life and move with an uncomfortable, half vital motion, thanks to the operation of some strong motor.

How do you use the word rebel in a sentence in this context?

In a sentence, there are many examples of rebels. He’s a normal adolescent deviant. The people revolted when the government increased taxes. The demonstrators are opposed to the new tax legislation. Children often defy their parents.

In a sentence, how do you utilize the word multifarious?

multifarious Examples of Sentences

  1. Her life was as bizarre and exciting as any of her books, which are mostly glorified depictions of her life’s many adventures.
  2. However, in Albert’s case, the subject was still too fresh and diverse to be properly grasped.

Answers to Related Questions

What is a synonym for the word Revel?

celebration, festival, jollification, merrymaking, carousal, carouse, spree, debauch, bacchanal, bacchanal, bacchanal, bacchanal, bacchanal, bacchanal, bacchanal, bacchanal, bacchanal, bacchanal, bacchanal, bacchanal, bacchanal, bacchanal, bacchanal, bacchanal, bacchan Jamboree, party a casual party, a shindig, a fiesta, or a jag

What does it mean to be a disobedient person?

Someone who defies authority is referred to as a rebel. The narrative of a rebel is often depicted in writings and films. A adolescent rebels against his parents in the 1950s film “Rebel Without a Cause.” As a noun, the emphasis is on the first syllable, but as a verb, the stress is on the second.

In a sentence, how do you utilize the word “reveal”?

reveal Examples of Sentences. She opened her hand to reveal its contents, a marble. She unwrapped the paper to reveal seven gold coins. But then, it was like him not to reveal his thoughts or concerns – unless the mood hit him.

What are the Flavours in Revels?

Mars Revels are the confectionery equivalent of a lucky dip, in that you never know which flavor you’ll receive. Raisin, orange, coffee, malteser, chocolate, and toffee are among the flavors available.

What does it mean to be a rebel?

noun. A rebel is defined as someone who challenges or resists authority. A person engaging in a political rebellion is an example of a rebel. A youngster opposing his parents is an example of a rebel.

What do you name someone who rebels?

Anarchist is defined as a person who opposes authority. 1: a person who defies authority, established order, or governing power in any way. 2: a person who believes in, advocates for, or supports anarchism or anarchy, particularly one who seeks to overturn the existing order by violent methods.

What is the noun form of the word “rebellion”?

rebel. Present tense rebels, present participle rebelling, past tense, past participle rebelled, past tense, past participle rebelled, past tense, past participle rebelled, past tense, past participle rebelled, past tense, past participle rebelled, past (reb?l) is how the noun is pronounced. (r?bel) is how the verb is spoken.

How am I supposed to be a rebel?

Acting Like a Rebel, Part 2

  1. Put your own twist on the regulations or standard practices.
  2. Speak your thoughts, even if others are hesitant to do so.
  3. Do what you desire, not what others expect you to do.
  4. Dress extravagantly.
  5. Negative comments about you should be ignored.
  6. Defend your values and the beliefs of others who share them.

Is there such a thing as a rebel adjective?

adjective. insubordinate; rebellious; challenging or resisting any established authority, government, or tradition. belonging to or resembling rebels or revolt.

What do you say when you want to be a rebel?

rebel. rebels, rebelling, and rebelled are all word forms for the same thing. Note on pronounciation: The noun is pronounced (rbl). (r?b?l) is how the verb is spoken.

What are the qualities of a rebel?

The Ten Characteristics of Respected Rebels

  • They act in accordance with their principles. When people know where you stand, it’s easy to get respect.
  • They are self-assured while yet being kind.
  • They build a foundation of trust.
  • They’re trend scouts.
  • They pose excellent questions.
  • They are a nuisance.
  • They have powerful influence networks.
  • They have the ability to (and do) move swiftly.

What does it mean to be a social outcast?

A rebel, by definition, is someone who opposes the status quo. Social drinking has become the standard in today’s society; it is the institution. The goal of the Social Rebellion is to change the status quo. Allowing each individual to take a break from alcohol and reconsider its place in their lives.

What does it mean to be able to?

Adjective. Having the ability to achieve or accomplish anything is referred to as being able and competent. able may be used to describe someone who has shown outstanding ability and success in the past.

What exactly is phantasma?

apparition, bogey, bogeyman, bogle, eidolon, ghost, phantasm, phantom, revenant, shade, shadow, specter, spirit, visitant, wraith, phantasma, phantasma, phantasma, phantasma, phantasma, phantasma, phanta

What does it mean to be docile?

docile. Someone who is docile is easy to teach or manage. Your instructors would pine for the days when you were charming and gentle if you suddenly became a troublemaker in class. Docile originates from the Latin word docere, which means “to teach,” therefore someone who is docile is simple to educate. A docile pupil is eager to learn.

What is the best way to utilize the word apocryphal in a sentence?

King John was allegedly detected cuckolding a man of low circumstances, according to an apocryphal narrative. Although this is most likely mythical, the premise is sound. I’m reminded of a legend, maybe apocryphal. The difficulty is which version of her story to accept, since most of what we’ve heard about her is probably definitely false.

What does it mean to be multifarious?


Having a wide range of options; diversified. [Multi-, multi- + -friam, adv. suff. ; see dh- in Indo-European roots; see dh- in Indo-European roots.] mul′tifar′iousness n. mul′tifar′iousness adv. mul′tifar′iousness adv. mul′tifar′iousness adv. mul′tifar′iousness adv. mul′tifar′


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