Amanda’s father bought her a large blue book for college. Why is that important to Amanda? The importance of the book and its value create tension between two relationships in this high school drama

The “The Glass Menagerie Scene 1” is a short story by Tennessee Williams. It tells the story of Amanda, who is trying to find out why her father has sent her away from their home in Mississippi.

What is the importance of Blue Mountain for Amanda? |

Amanda has been through a lot in Williams’ play, and she has gone from being a Southern Belle to being a poor mother who has been abandoned by her husband. Amanda’s sufferings are symbolized and emphasized by the color blue in the name Blue Mountain.

Also, in Scene 1, what is the narrative Amanda tells Tom and Laura at the dinner table?

Scene One is described as follows: In a lower-middle-class St. Louis tenement, the Wingfield flat faces an alley. Tom walks inside the apartment’s dining area, where his mother and sister, Amanda and Laura, are eating. Amanda summons Tom to the dinner table and reminds him to chew his meal many times as he sits down.

In The Glass Menagerie, how is Amanda’s character ironic? Irony in The Glass Menagerie. Irony is one of the literary strategies utilized in the play thus far. Another irony is that Amanda is lecturing to Tom about Laura’s desire to marry a good guy with character, despite the fact that Amanda’s husband left her sixteen years ago and she has no room to speak.

What, therefore, is Amanda’s role in The Glass Menagerie?

Laura and Tom’s mother, Amanda Wingfield. Amanda, a proud, lively lady, clings tenaciously to recollections of a bygone, aristocratic era. She is admirable, charming, pitiful, and hilarious all at the same time. Amanda Wingfield is the subject of an in-depth investigation.

Amanda Wingfield, do you think she’s a good mother?

Amanda is really a very caring mother, despite all of the fussing about keeping one’s elbows off the table. Amanda doesn’t think much about herself, except from reminiscing about when she used to get male callers when she was younger.

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What is the difference between Laura’s relationship with Tom and her friendship with Amanda?

Laura’s relationship with Tom is more understanding than Laura’s connection with Amanada. This is because Tom seems to be more concerned with Laura’s sentiments than with finding her a gentlemen caller. While Amanda has high hopes for Laura, Tom cautions her, “Mother, you mustn’t have high hopes for Laura” (1.

Why do the lights in Glass Menagerie go out?

In the play, the lights going out serves two objectives. It establishes the need of lighting the candles first. For Laura and Jim’s time together, candlelight provides a calm and even romantic environment. The still-burning candles then illuminate the stage for Tom’s last address at the conclusion of the play.

What is the meaning of the Glass Menagerie?

Laura’s own naive technique of diverting inadequacy into an outstanding conclusion to delicate inventiveness is usually symbolized by this symbol. The Menagerie made of glass is also a symbol of solitude. It’s a representation of her crippled and excessively interiorized creativity’s artificiality.

The Glass Menagerie has how many acts?

Tennessee Williams’ drama The Glass Menagerie is not split into acts. The drama is divided into seven scenes and is performed in one act.

What is The Glass Menagerie’s setting?

The Glass Menagerie is a show about a group of animals that live Summary. The Glass Menagerie is set in the Wingfield family’s apartment in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1937. The play’s events are framed by recollection – the play’s narrator, Wingfield, Tom, frequently smokes and stands on the fire escape while delivering his monologues.

At the conclusion of The Glass Menagerie, what happens?

As supper comes to a close, the lights go off due to an overdue power bill. Amanda urges Jim to occupy Laura in the living area while she and Tom clean up by lighting candles. Jim’s presence paralyzes Laura at first, but his kind and open demeanor quickly drags her out of her shell.

Amanda had how many male callers?

seventeen dudes on the phone

What happens in The Glass Menagerie’s first scene?

The first scene introduces the Wingfield flat, which is located in an overcrowded, lower middle-class neighborhood. Tom takes the stage and addresses the crowd directly. Throughout the performance, he describes the social and economic circumstances that are occurring. It’s the late 1930s, just after the Great Depression has ended.

In The Glass Menagerie, what does Amanda do for a living?

Amanda conducts a telephone membership campaign for a magazine called The Homemaker’s Companion, according to Tom, in order to generate a little more money and so boost the family’s capacity to entertain suitors. Amanda arrives with a phone and the cover of a glossy magazine shows on the screen.

In The Glass Menagerie, who is the fifth character?

Quotes by Mr. Wingfield. [TOM:] In the play, there is a fifth character who only appears in this larger-than-life-size portrait over the mantle. This is our father, who passed away many years ago.

In The Glass Menagerie, what does Amanda want?

Amanda Wingfield lives in an universe where illusion and reality coexist. She merely shuts her eyes to the terrible, reality world when it is convenient for her. She employs a variety of escape methods in order to cope with her current situation.

Why did Laura drop out of business school?

Why did Laura drop out of business school? A boy in the class was making passes at her and she got scared. She was nervous in class and became physically ill during her first speed test. She was secretly saving the money so she could buy a train ticket to another city.

In The Glass Menagerie, who is the primary character?

Wingfield, Tom

In The Glass Menagerie, where does Amanda come from?

St. Louis is a city in Missouri. Tom’s mother, the redoubtable Southern-born Amanda Wingfield (Sally Field), was based on Williams’ own mother, who was equally domineering, reality-challenged, and needy—a previously vivacious belle now living in a world constrained by reality’s poverty and by children she doesn’t comprehend.

Amanda Wingfield is from where?

Amanda Wingfield, a middle-aged Southern beauty, lives with her son Tom, in his early twenties, and his somewhat older sister Laura in a dismal St. Louis apartment.

Do you think Amanda’s mother is a whiny mother?

ANSWER: Amanda’s mother is a nag because she continuously points out Amanda’s errors and oppresses her in the guise of instilling good behavior in Amanda.

In The Glass Menagerie, what does the fire escape represent?

The fire escape is one of the key symbols of “The Glass Menagerie,” serving as a way of escape for the characters, as well as an exit for the father and finally Tom, from the flames of anger and wrath that burn in the hearts of Williams’ characters. The fire stairs are not a safe haven for Laura and Amanda.


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