Huck only knows that he used to be a different person, and his new self seems very peaceful. He is content with Huck the present state of things, but when tragedy strikes and Tom comes back into his life, can they both live happily ever after?

In Mark Twain’s novel “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, the protagonist, Huck Finn, is a young boy who has been raised by his friend Tom Sawyer. When Huck encounters Tom again years later, he realizes that he no longer knows how to act because of the changes in society.

How does Huck change when Tom comes? |

Huck evolves as a result of his decision to follow Tom’s goals rather than establishing his own. Even though the scheme is terrible to Jim, Huck goes through with it. Throughout the novel, we see Huck recognize what is right and wrong, and he learns to make good decisions, but when Tom enters the picture, Huck just follows Tom’s orders.

Why is Tom’s strategy so cruel in this regard?

Huck loses his capacity to act independently and relinquishes control to Tom. Tom’s scheme is cruel since he knows Jim is free but pretends to be so that they may play the “escape prisoner game.” Even though Jim was a free man, Tom makes him believe he is sought.

The issue then becomes, how does Huck meet up with Tom? Explanation and Answer: After leaving the Phelps’ home, where Jim is imprisoned, Huck meets up with Tom Sawyer. When Huck spoke to Sally, he claimed to be Tom.

What happens when Tom arrives on the scene, as well?

When Tom enters, he poses as his own brother, Sid, and begins to aggravate Jim’s position. Tom’s approach is particularly cruel since he knows Jim is really free, but he pretends he isn’t so that he may play a game of escpaing captives.

How does Tom’s reappearance to the tale affect the tone and atmosphere of the story?

When Tom returns to the plot, it becomes more lighthearted and humorous. When Huck is reunited with Tom, he reverts to his younger self and returns to the shenanigans that he and Tom used to engage into.

Answers to Related Questions

Why does Huck like Tom’s strategy?

Huck is startled that Tom would assist him in stealing Jim since Tom comes from a nice family and stealing Jim is against society’s rules. Why does Huck prefer Tom’s scheme over his own for releasing Jim? Tom’s proposal is more daring, yet it will still succeed, which is exactly what Huck wants.

When Tom comes, who does he pretend to be?

Tom presented himself as William Thompson of Hicksville, Ohio, when he arrived. He exposes his “real” identity as Tom’s elder brother, Sid, at his first meal with Huck/Tom and the Phelps household.

What is Huck’s idea for reuniting Jim with his family?

Tom learns that Jim is being kept captive in a tiny farm cabin, and the two lads devise a scheme to liberate him. Huck’s rational strategy is to get the keys from Uncle Silas, free Jim fast, and depart on the raft as soon as possible.

When Huck lies so often, why doesn’t his conscience bother him?

as property; Huck considered Jim as a friend. When Huck lies so often, why doesn’t his conscience bother him? Huck’s conscience doesn’t bother him when he lies because he is lying for a good cause. (or for what he thinks is the right cause).

Is Tom’s idea going to work?

Tom ultimately confesses that his idea isn’t going to work, so they switch to picks that look like case knives. Huck supports the change of plans heartily, pleased that Tom is finally coming to his senses. They dig a large hole and plan to continue the next day.

What occurred in Tom Sawyer’s graveyard?

Tom and Huck carry the dead cat to the cemetery that night, when they hear voices belonging to Muff Potter (the village alcoholic), Dr. Injun Joe stabs Dr. Robinson with Muff’s dagger after the three men battle and Muff Potter is knocked unconscious.

Why are Tom and Huck visiting the cemetery?

When they arrive to the cemetery, they are greeted by Dr. Robinson, Muff Potter, and Injun Joe. They seem to be participating in grave robbing, which was a highly severe crime at the time. The would-be grave thieves get into a scuffle as an increasingly terrified Tom and Huck watch from behind an ancient headstone.

What occurs in Tom Sawyer’s 10th Chapter?

10th Chapter

Tom and Huck flee, terrified beyond belief. After witnessing a murder, they seek cover in an abandoned tannery, a very eerie place to hide. The lads want to report what occurred to the police, but they know that if they do, Injun Joe would come for them. They make the decision to close their traps.

What does Tom say he wants to be when he grows up to Becky?

Tom reveals to Becky that he wants to be a clown. “I’ve gone to the circus three or four times, and I’ve seen it a lot. At a circus, there’s always something going on. When I grow up, I want to be a clown in a circus.”

Aunt Polly had no idea Tom had been gone all night, so how did she find out?

When Sid points out the thread on Tom’s collar, Aunt Polly realizes he’s been swimming. The thread she used to stitch Tom’s collar is now black, rather than the initial white thread she used. This indicates that Tom removed his collar before going for a swim.

What occurs in Tom Sawyer’s Chapter 7?

Tick-Running and a Heartbreak (Chapter 7)

Tom quits up studying after a time and instead plays with the tick with Joe, each attempting to keep the insect on his side of the desk by tormenting it with a pin. When Tom marches away, Becky understands he won’t be back that day, which makes her even more heartbroken.

In Tom Sawyer, who murdered Dr. Robinson?

Injun Joe

What occurs in Tom Sawyer’s Chapter 11?

Tom’s Conscience Racks Tom’s Conscience Racks Tom’s Conscience Racks Tom’s Conscience Racks Tom’s

Some townsfolk find Dr. Robinson’s body in the cemetery the day after Tom and Huck witness his murder, along with Potter’s knife. In the graveyard, a throng forms, and eventually Potter himself emerges. As a result, the sheriff charges Potter with murder.

Tom and Huck went to the ancient tree for a reason.

Tom makes the decision to search for hidden wealth left by pirates. Because the lads don’t have a treasure map, Huck asks Tom how he knows where to dig. “They always bury it near a haunted house or on an island, or under a dead tree with one limb sticking out,” Tom explains.

Why does Huck’s opinion of Tom dwindle?

Why does Huck’s opinion of Tom dwindle? Because he is willing to help steal Jim back. Tom and Huck brainstorm ways to break Jim out of his prison. Huck plans to get the raft, steal the key to the padlock, unlock the door and then float down the river some more.

What is Tom Sawyer’s ruse with Jim?

Tom wishes to tie Jim up, but Huck disagrees, so Tom settles for a simple trick of placing Jim’s hat on a tree branch over Jim’s head. Despite Huck’s fears that they would be caught, Tom also grabs candles from the kitchen.

How does Huck know he’ll have a tough day ahead of him?

How does Huck know he’ll have a tough day ahead of him? Huck goes to judge thatcher and gives all his money to him because huck is afraid that his father will take all the money by recognizing the shoeprint in the snow with a cross nailed to the shoe.


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