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The “which of the following sentences can be revised to eliminate redundancies?” is a question that asks which sentence in a piece of text can be revised to eliminate redundancies.

What is the best way to rewrite the sentence to avoid repetition? |

“Selena was surprised when she tried to reproduce a dish she learnt in culinary school,” is the easiest approach to rephrase the sentence to prevent duplication. Being precise, explicit, and straightforward when expressing a concept is the best way to go. We don’t need to be repetitious in excellent writing or good communication.

Then, how should the statement be rewritten to prevent duplication in the group of friends?

“The group of friends came to an agreement regarding the movie they would attend together,” is the best method to restructure the text. This is due to the fact that the statement avoids repetition while maintaining the original meaning. Answer A is incorrect since it avoids repetition while changing the meaning.

How do you eliminate repetition in the same way? Because we don’t always realize we’re doing it, here are some tips to assist you lessen, if not completely prevent, repetition when writing your work.

  1. Vary the length of your phrases.
  2. Keep lengthy words to a minimum.
  3. Purchase a thesaurus.
  4. Replace the name of your character with a pronoun.
  5. Look over what you’ve written.
  6. Your sentences should be broken apart.

So, in order to minimize recurrence, which response option is the best revision of the sentence?

Verified by an expert Because you haven’t provided any alternatives, one of the most typical methods is to revise the phrase to minimize repeats by using pronouns intelligently. The phrase would be the one that does not repeat multiple of the same names.

Which method is the most effective for improving the intelligibility of a long sentence?

Reduce the number of strong words you use. Adverbs should be avoided. Remove all redundancies.

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What do you do if you don’t want to start a sentence with?

8 Answers

  1. Begin with a word that ends in ‘ing,’ such as He walked into the darkness after opening the door.
  2. Let’s begin with a preposition (so a prepositional phrase).
  3. To begin, use an adverb.
  4. Starting with a subordinating conjunction is a good place to start (so a subordinate clause).
  5. Make a passive sentence by combining the object and the verb.

Why is repetition in writing a negative thing?

The terms “stress” and “emphasis” are used interchangeably. When an entire remark is repeated, the reader may get the impression that he or she is being told the same thing again. As a result, this kind of poor repetition is more of a grammatical error than a content error (see 170. Logical Errors in Written English).

In writing, how can you avoid using pronouns?

The passive sentence structure emphasizes the events and activities described in the sentence. When utilizing the passive voice, personal pronouns are eliminated, and the attention shifts away from the ‘doer’ and onto the action.

How can you keep your writing from becoming monotonous?

Monotony develops as a result of repetition. Consider the length and complexity of different components of writing, such as words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs. Check your work for excessive use of the same words and phrases. Rephrase them to get rid of them.

How can I avoid overusing?

Consider how you frame your phrases to avoid saying “I” often. If you’re writing sentences that start with “I believe that…”, for example, leave out the portion about you and make the assertion on its own.

What is the best way to rewrite the sentence?

The best rewrite of the line is: Tension arose in the room when it was revealed that the villain was aware of the spy’s secrecy. Explanation: The original statement has the same mistake as three of the possibilities, namely, it uses a gerund without the verb be.

What is an example of a dash?

Dashes, like commas, semicolons, colons, ellipses, and parentheses, denote additional emphasis, interruption, or a sudden shift of thinking. Take note of how dashes alter the tone of the following sentences: For instance, you are the only buddy who has volunteered to assist me.

What is the name of the dash mark?

A dash is a little horizontal line that appears in the midst of a line of text (rather than at the bottom, where an underscore appears). It’s longer than a hyphen and is often used to denote a range or pause. Dashes, unlike hyphens, are used to divide groupings of words rather than sections of words.

What exactly does it mean to “dash” a person?

stifle someone’s hopes Disappoint, disappoint, or disillusion someone. That collapse, for example, ruined her chances of winning a gold medal. This word employs dash to mean “destroy,” a meaning that only exists in this idiom.

What is the best way to write a repetition?

Words that are repeated. The use of the same word numerous times in a sentence may help to underline its significance. Writers use a variety of rhetorical tactics to make their points more clear and memorable. Both poetry and prose may benefit from these strategies.

What are a few instances of recurrence?

Repetition is often used in poetry and music to generate rhythm and draw attention to a particular subject. In speaking, repetition is often employed as a rhetorical tactic to draw emphasis to a particular point. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

In a sentence, how do you employ repetition?

Sentence Examples with Repetition

  1. Life is much too short to waste time repeating previous fantasies that never came true.
  2. The technique was repeated with the same results.
  3. It’s simpler to learn how to spell a word if you do it again and over.
  4. It was an excellent spot to live because of the little town’s recurrence of lovely residences.

The “what is the best way to revise the underlined sentence?” is a question that many students ask themselves. The answer to this question is that there are multiple ways to rewrite sentences without repetition.


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