In the novel ‘The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby says “the thought of Daisy disgusts me.” What is this phrase supposed to mean and why does it not sit well with him?

The “which thought was almost revolting to the narrator” is a phrase that has been used in literature. The meaning of this phrase is not clear.

What is the meaning of the phrase The thought was almost revolting? |

The phrase “the concept was nearly disgusting” comes from Khushwant Singh’s “The Portrait of A Lady.” This term suggests that the author found it difficult to believe that his grandma used to be youthful, attractive, and gorgeous. She hadn’t changed in the twenty years since the author last saw her.

What does the term “vast expanse of pure white tranquility” imply, for example?

vast expanse of pure white tranquility – It alludes to the author’s grandmother’s calm, peaceful, and serene demeanor. She’s likened to a tranquil winter scene in the highlands.

Furthermore, what does the term “frivolous rebukes” mean? The word “frivolous rebukes” is used in the text The Portrait of a Lady. The term “the author’s grandma scolded or checked on the sparrows, in vain,” according to the situation. The sparrows were unconcerned by her harsh reprimands since they couldn’t grasp human language.

Furthermore, whatever concept revolted the storyteller and why?

Answer: The concept that the author’s grandmother was once youthful and lovely revolts the author’s imagination since the author, who is the grandson of this elderly woman, has only ever seen her grandmother with a bent glass frame, wrinkled face, and hands, and white hairs on the head.

Why does the author claim that his grandma was never attractive, but always lovely?

Answer: This statement denotes that the grandma was no longer appealing due to her advanced age. However, she had many other attractive qualities, such as constantly telling the beads of her rosary, her silver hair remaining dispersed over her aged face, and her lips moving in prayer.

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What does it mean to have a crumbling drum?

The term “dilapidated drum” refers to a drum that is no longer in good working order. It’s an ancient drum that’s either broken or broken.

Do you think the author’s grandma have a strong personality?

Yes, the author’s grandma had a strong personality. This is evident from the fact that she never complains about the fact that since moving to the city, the amount of time the author spends with her has decreased. The author was neither sobbing nor distressed as she was leaving the nation.

What does it mean to be in solitude while resigning?

The term “accepted her solitude with resignation” suggests that the grandma faced her loneliness front on and accepted her situation without being emotional.

What do you mean by a lady’s portrait?

A Lady’s Portrait is a painting that depicts a lady. The Portrait of a Lady tells the narrative of Isabel Archer, a fiery young American lady who finds “confronting her fate” daunting. She inherits a significant sum of money and is thereafter the victim of two American expats’ Machiavellian schemes.

What does it mean to be in complete chaos?

The definition of “a genuine cacophony of chirrupings” is “a veritable cacophony of chirrupings.”

a complete cacophony of chirping – The chirruping of the sparrows that dispersed and perched about the author’s grandmother generated noise, confusion, and commotion.

Why did granny submit herself to her isolation?

The expression indicates that the separation was dutifully accepted without any malice or unmet desire. She didn’t even express her views to them; rather, she came out without any malice. Without resentment, the grandma accepted the reality that her grandson could no longer share a room with her.

What was the turning moment in the author’s connection with his grandmother?

When the author’s parents called him to the city, the narrator and his grandmother’s bond reached a turning point. He and his grandma had been attending to school together in the hamlet. His grandma was also able to assist him in his academic pursuits. In the city, though, things were different.

How did the grandma resemble the alpine winter landscape?

The mountains are covered with snow and are white in color throughout the winter. This scene looks to be quite relaxing and calm. In the sense that she was quiet, tranquil, and satisfied, the grandmother resembled the winter vistas in the Alps. The grandma was usually dressed in pristine white.

How long had the narrator known his wrinkled grandmother? What did the audience say, and how did the narrator respond?

What was the narrator’s reaction? Answer: For the previous twenty years, the narrator had known his grandma, who was elderly and wrinkled. She was in her eighties. She couldn’t have looked much older.

Why does the narrator describe his grandma as lovely?

What does it mean when the narrator refers to his grandma as a “winter landscape”? The author compares his grandmother’s attractiveness to a winter landscape’s “pure white tranquillity.” Her attractiveness and look reflected her “calm and satisfaction.”

Which of the grandmother’s thoughts revolted you the most, and why?

According to Khushwant Singh, the idea of his grandma being youthful and attractive was nearly repulsive since he had witnessed his grandmother get old since he was born. He can’t believe she’s still youthful and attractive, especially given the creases that run across her face from side to side.

How long had the narrator been aware of his grandmother’s wrinkles and age?

20 years

What is the significance of prophetic fables?

Khushwant Singh refers to the tales that his grandmother used to tell him and his relatives when they were children as “fables of prophets.” The author assumed that the personal tales his grandmother would tell him or his cousins were comparable to the other stories she had told them as children.

What makes Khushwant think his grandma is attractive?

Short, overweight, and a bit stooped, according to Khushwant Singh’s grandmother. He also described her as not being very attractive in the conventional sense, but that her tranquility made her attractive since she constantly said quiet prayers from rosary beads. She was usually dressed immaculately in white.

Why was Grandmother attractive yet not attractive?

Answer: This statement denotes that the grandma was no longer appealing due to her advanced age. However, she had many other attractive qualities, such as constantly telling the beads of her rosary, her silver hair remaining dispersed over her aged face, and her lips moving in prayer.

What lyrical terms does the author employ to highlight the grandmother’s physical and spiritual beauty?

As a result, the poet used PERSONIFICATION to depict the beauty of his grandma.

The “thought was almost revolting synonym” is a phrase that means the thought was very unpleasant. The phrase can be found in the book “The Catcher in the Rye”. Reference: the thought was almost revolting synonym.


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