Screen Time Parental Control app is a free tool for iOS 8.0 and later, gives parents the option to set daily time allowance for apps installed on their child’s iPhone or iPad. It also includes profiles feature which allows you to switch between different children’s settings quickly. In addition, it works with several devices at the same time. There is a function which can do usage report for your child as well as parents.

Why we Need to Delete the Screen Time Data

Screen time is a monitoring tool for parental control built in iOS 12, which allows you to monitor how much time your child spends on the iPhone or iPad every day. It is worth noting that this feature can only be used in children’s devices. Parents are very concerned about their young users are spending too much time using mobile devices, because it is easy to lead to the child’s visual and auditory senses damage. Parents also worry about their children do not go out to play with friends all day long, but stay at home glued to the screen without moving around.

According to Apple introduction, Screen Time can set limits on how much apps are used and how many notifications are received. Parents can set time restrictions for different applications and people can also get reports about which application is used more frequently, to encourage children to use their mobile devices in a better way.

In addition, the Screen Time data will be automatically deleted when the user turns 18 years old, so parents do not have to worry about their child’s privacy.

How to Delete Screen Time Data

There are two ways for this operation.

One is the manual deletion of data by parents. Here’s how it’s done: Open “Screen Time”, you can see that below the title bar there is a list of applications, and each of them represents the time spent on that application. Click “All Applications” at the bottom to see details. If you want to delete the data, click “Select All” and then press delete.

Note: This action will not affect children’s access to the apps and restrict their use, but will only delete some records (if you turn off Screen Time, all data recorded will be deleted).

Another way to delete the screen time data is by going to Settings>General>iPhone Storage and tapping “More”. In this menu, open Screen Time and tap “Delete Usage Data”. Of course, it’s a bit cumbersome. This action will cause different effects: first, this action can delete all Screen Time data at once, but also by deleting Screen Time usage data, other system records will be affected.

Which Method to Choose

So which way is the best? That depends on individual circumstances. For parents who are very worried about their child’s screen time habits and want to do everything they can to manage it, you should choose the first way to delete the data, which is more secure. For parents who do not care about Screen Time and just want to use it because they can set time restrictions for apps, then you should choose the second way because it’s easier and faster. Of course, in addition to deleting screen time data, taking a child’s device from them when they are not using it is also a good way to control screen time!

Common Questions About Screen Time and how to Solve Them

How to enable Screen Time Parental Control?

Enable it in “Settings” > “Screen Time”. You can also choose which features you want to use here.

How to set time restrictions for apps?

Open the application in question, go to “Details”, and click on “Allow less time”. From here, you can set different amount of time for different days of the week.

How to disable Screen Time Parental Control temporarily?

You can do it in “Settings”. Click on “Disable Screen Time”, and then click on “Turn Off” to confirm.


Apple’s Screen Time feature is really a great way to control how much time children spend on mobile devices during the day. It allows users to see detailed reports of their device usage and set application time restrictions, which can be very beneficial for parents who want to make sure their child only spends a certain amount of time on each app.


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