I have recently built a new computer, and the most annoying problem I’m having is with streaming. My green screen freezes constantly. I can play League of Legends no problem but every time I try to stream it always freezes.

I’ve tried another computer with the exact same settings and it works just fine. I was wondering if there’s any way that I could fix this problem?

roku tv green screen when streaming

For those of you who don’t know, a green screen is a special effect created by using chroma key. Chroma Key allows images to look as though they have been inserted into another environment, therefore creating the illusion that the subject is somewhere else. For example, a green screen can make it appear as if a video game character has been inserted into a real-life scene.

What is a green screen freeze and how does it occur?

A green screen freeze occurs when there is a delay or lag in your video feed. It’s similar to a computer freezing up while you’re working on it, but instead of the monitor going fuzzy you get a “fuzzy-green” image. If you have the right hardware and proper settings this shouldn’t be happening. This is more than likely a problem with your streaming software.

  Note: There are many different types of streaming, such as PC desktop capture, streaming to the web and video capture.

If you’re using a computer to stream then your problem could be with either OBS or XSplit. If you’re using hardware like an Elgato or AVermedia card and software like Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) or XSplit then you should check out this guide: How To Stream Without Green Screen.

Causes of a green screen freeze  when streaming.

1. Hardware Issues

If you’re streaming on a laptop or PC, one of the first things you want to look at is your graphics card. If your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) isn’t powerful enough for what you are trying to do then it’s possible that the computer simply can’t keep up with the processing power required to stream at the same time.

Most laptops/PCs are not capable of streaming and doing any kind of intense gaming on it. This is because they aren’t designed with the power to do so in mind. They simply don’t have enough RAM or a powerful enough GPU for this type of use, so if you’re using one then expect problems.

How to prevent a green screen freeze from happening – Use a Laptop

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you don’t have problems with green screen freezes is to use a laptop. Since laptops are built just for portability and not raw power, they simply aren’t designed to handle as much hardward as a PC can handle. This will reduce your chances of experiencing issues such as this.

Solutions if your green screen freeze cannot be prevented.

Having a fast internet is extremely important when you are streaming. If your upload speeds or download speeds aren’t high enough then this could cause issues. This will be the number one reason why people experience green screen freezes more often than not.

Troubleshooting tips for fixing a green screen freeze yourself

1. Fix your internet – If you’re using an ethernet cable, check to see what speeds you are getting from your ISP. If you’re wireless make sure that the router is close enough and has a strong signal. Try moving it closer to see if this helps.

2. Upgrade GPU Software – Most capture cards come with a software disc that contains the drivers for the card. If your GPU is having issues then this should be able to help you resolve the problem until a better solution can be found.

3. Update Graphics Drivers – Updating your graphics drivers usually fixes a lot of problems, especially if it’s a newer version.


As you can see, green screen freezes are extremely common when streaming. The best way to fix them is by making sure that your internet speed is fast enough for what you’re trying to do. If it isn’t then you could easily end up with multiple videos like this created every day.


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