Alliteration is a literary device that consists of the repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning or ending of successive words. The opposite would be anapocope, where letters are dropped from words in succession. This can often create awkward-sounding phrases as well as syntactic ambiguity because there may not be enough vowels left to clearly make out what’s happening with the sentence.

An alliteration is a word that starts with the same letter, such as “apple” and “dapple”. The opposite of alliteration is called assonance.

What is the opposite of alliteration? |

Consonance is the polar opposite of assonance, which is the recurrence of vowel sounds. Alliteration is a kind of consonance in which the emphasized word has a repeating consonant sound, as in “few flocked to the battle” or “the ragged rogue rushed around the rough rock.”

As a result, what distinguishes consonance from alliteration?

Alliteration is a literary trick in which consonant sounds are repeated in a stressed area of a word, generally at the start. Consonance, on the other hand, uses the recurrence of consonants in a similar way to alliteration.

Also, what is the opposite of alliteration? The use of the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable in a line of poetry is known as alliteration, initial rhyme, starting rhyme, and head rhyme(noun). “The ragged rascal rushed around the rock” Beginning rhyme, head rhyme, and starting rhyme are synonyms.

In light of this, what is the polar opposite of allusion?

The polar opposite of a reference to something that should be obvious but isn’t. Possession of a similar meaning via paraphrasing is the polar opposite of possession of a similar meaning through paraphrasing. In contrast to a hint, innuendo, or insinuation through a remote allusion. A faint or indirect signal or suggestion is the polar opposite of this.

Is it possible to have alliteration at the end of a word?

Alliteration is defined by some literary experts as the repeating of vowel sounds or repetition at the conclusion of words. Alliteration is a kind of consonance in which the stressed syllable contains the repeating consonant sound.

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Is it possible to have alliteration with just two words?

When two or more words in a phrase start with the same sound, this is known as alliteration. The recurrence of starting consonant sounds in two or more surrounding words or syllables is known as alliteration.

Is alliteration achieved by repeating the same word?

The recurrence of the same beginning letter in subsequent words is known as alliteration. It’s done for the sake of effect. Alliteration is a literary style in which words that are close together repeat the same starting consonant sound.

What is the best way to write alliteration?

How to Write a Poem with Alliteration

  1. To begin writing an alliteration poetry, choose a consonant.
  2. Step 2: Make a list of as many words that begin with your letter as possible.
  3. Step 3: Use some of your words to make a phrase or two, such as this:
  4. Step 4: Try adding another phrase or two, as well as a rhyme.

Is alliteration an assonance?

When you use a number of similar consonants in a succession, you’re using alliteration; when you use a bunch of similar vowel sounds in a row, you’re using assonance; and onomatopoeia is simply sound effects.

What is the difference between the two forms of alliteration?

Some literary experts believe consonance and assonance are two different sorts of alliteration, while others believe they are distinct concepts.

  • Alliteration in general. Alliteration is the repeating of the first sounds of a string of words in general.
  • Consonance.
  • Assonance.
  • Alliteration without a voice.

Is it an alliteration if she sells seashells on the beach?

A literary method in which a sequence of words begin with the same consonant sound is known as alliteration. “She sells seashells on the seashore,” for example, is a famous example. “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,” is another fan favorite. Alliteration, on the other hand, is supposed to be more than a tongue twister.

What is the name for C alliteration?

Alliteration is closely connected to consonance and assonance (and may arguably be considered subsets of alliteration), albeit the repeated sounds do not have to be at the beginning of the syllables. Assonance is the repeating of vowel sounds, while consonance is the recurrence of consonant sounds.

Is it possible to start alliteration with a vowel?

Consonant sounds recur at the beginning of words in alliteration. The repeating of vowel sounds in the midst of words is known as assonance. Some people refer to repeated vowel sounds at the beginning of words as alliteration, while others refer to it as assonance.

What is a synonym for the word allude?

allude(verb) refer, insinuate, suggest, imply, indicate, signify, advertise, intimate, hint Synonyms: refer, point, insinuate, suggest, imply, indicate, signify, advertise, intimate, hint allude(verb) To allude to something in a veiled or suggestive manner.

How do you say allude in English?


It’s easy to mix up the two terms since the emphasis is on the second syllable in both. By saying everything but what you really want to say, you’re implying something. Like a name on the tip of your tongue, Elude evades and goes away.

What does an example of allusion look like?

“To allude” is the verb form of “allusion.” Making an allusion to something is the same as hinting to it. For instance, you’re behaving like a Scrooge! This statement, which is a reference to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, implies that the individual is being miserly and selfish, much like Scrooge in the narrative.

What is the portion of speech that is alluded to?


portion of a sentence: verb that is intransitive
terms that are related: cite, imply, and intimate
Combinations of words Feature of Subscribers Regarding this feature

What is an allusion in a sentence?

noun. a fleeting or casual remark; an unintentional mention of something, either directly or indirectly: The title of the book is a Shakespearean reference.

What is a synonym for imagery?

imaginativeness, imaging, resourcefulness, resource, imagination, tomography, mental imagery, vision(noun) the capacity to construct mental pictures of objects or occurrences. Synonyms: imaginativeness, imaging, resourcefulness, resource, imagination, tomography, mental imagery, vision

What are three alliteration examples?

Tongue Twisters with Alliteration

  • Peter Piper took a handful of pickled peppers from the jar.
  • A good chef could bake twice as many cookies as a good cook who could bake twice as many cookies.
  • A large black bear was bitten by a black insect.
  • Sheep should be kept in a shed at all times.
  • I saw a saw that was capable of outperforming any other saw I’d ever seen.

What is the definition of an alliteration dictionary?

Alliteration is defined as the recurrence of mainly beginning consonant sounds in two or more adjacent words or syllables (for example, wild and woolly, frightening hordes) — also known as head rhyme or initial rhyme.

What is the opposite of oxymoron?

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