“Widen” is a word meaning to stretch out or expand something, such as flower buds. It comes from the Old English wyden and means “to open up.” This article will define what it might mean for books in 2018. The dictionary definition of widen also includes words like broaden, grow wider and widen with time, which are all found within this article.

The “adjective form of widen” is a word that has many meanings. The definition of the word is “to make wider”. It can also mean to make something larger or more extensive.

What is the noun form of Widen? |

broadening is a noun that refers to the process of enlarg (plural widenings) The verb’s action is to broaden.

What’s more, what is the verb for wide?

1[intransitive, transitive] to widen; to expand anything synonym broaden Her mouth opened wide in amazement. expand into something The stream swells into a river at this point.

Aside from the aforementioned, what is a perfect noun? Perfect refers to anything that is full and free of flaws or flaws. It might also be very precise or exact. The term perfect may also be used as a verb, denoting the act of making something perfect. (Note the distinction in pronunciation: PER-fect as a noun; per-FECT as a verb.)

Second, what does “widening” imply?

enlarging – the act of enlarging something. widening. Change of shape is a term used to describe an activity that alters the form of something. Making anything narrower is known as narrowing.

Is there such a thing as a broad adjective?

-wide. a compound form of broad, formed by combining nouns and adjectives with the general meaning of “extending or applicable across a particular region,” as described by the noun: Locally, nationally, and internationally.

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Is the adverb broad an adverb?

large (adjective) large (adverb) lens with a broad field of view (noun) wide-eyed (adjective)

What is the best way to utilize the word broad in a sentence?

Sentence Examples with a Wide Range

  1. She lay wide awake with her eyes closed for a long time.
  2. Behind three stucco arches, a broad porch peered out.
  3. She ran her fingers over his broad palm.
  4. “God,” she said, her eyes wide with surprise as she looked at Betsy.
  5. There was little question that the guy possessed a vengeful streak as broad as the valley.

What is the narrow mean?

narrow. Narrow is a word that signifies “less broad” or “to make less wide.” When you narrow down your options, you reduce the amount of options available. A road may be too small for an automobile to pass through. Narrow simply indicates not broad when applied to anything physical like a roadway or hips.

Is the word “early” an adverb?

(The word “early” is an adjective.) Today, we finished early. (The word “early” is an adverb.) (Kindly is a preposition.)

What is the definition of the word “courage”?

answer:- Courageous is the verb version of the word courage.

What does angry mean in the past tense?

Mad for is madded for in the past tense. Mads for is the third-person singular simple present indicative form of madfor. mad for is the present participle of mad for. Mad for has a past participle, maddedfor.

What is wide’s abstract noun?

Abstract nouns include “joy,” “smallness,” “sadness,” “liberty,” “freedom,” and “dictatorship.” “Wideness” or “width” are the abstract, noun forms of the adjective “wide.”

What exactly do you mean by “awake”?

awake. When you’re awake, you’re aware of your surroundings and cognizant of your surroundings. You are sleepy when you are not awake. You are certainly awake if you are reading this. When employed as a verb, awake meaning “wake up:” “I saw my kitty yawn as she awoke from a long nap.”

What does it mean to be in heaven?

noun. the location or condition of existence of the blessed after the mortal life; the habitation of God, the angels, and the souls of the pious after death. (starting with a capital letter) OftenHeavens. God is referred to as a metonym: May the Almighty assist us!

What does it mean to broaden a road?

Road widening is expanding the roadway to accommodate growing traffic density. The requirements of the originalroad are maintained throughout the widening.

What is the point of widening a road?

Road widening also aids in the improvement of pedestrian and cycling amenities, as well as the efficient flow of traffic and hence the reduction of pollution.

In Java, what is widening?

For assignment compatibility, widening is the process of substituting one basic type with another primitive type. Automatic conversion of a primitive type (such as int or long) to a reference type is known as boxing (such as java.lang.Integer orjava.lang.Long).

What is the adjectival equivalent of “perfect”?

photo–perfect (adjective) a flawless pitch (adjective) perfect gift (noun) word–perfect(adjective)

What exactly is a prefix?

A prefix is an affix that comes before a word’s stem. When you add it to the beginning of a word, it becomes a different term. The prefix is built up of the stem fix (which means “attach” in this context) and the prefixpre- (which means “before”), both of which are Latin origins.


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