The Oxford English Dictionary defines thrilled as “to move (a person) with intense emotion or interest; to fill with pleasurable feelings.”

The “another word for thrilled or excited” is a synonym for the word “thrilled.” It is also another word for “excited.”

What is the closest synonym for the word thrilled? |

Synonyms & Antonyms of thrilled

  • joyful,
  • joyous,
  • jubilant,
  • overjoyed,
  • radiant,
  • rapturous,
  • ravished,
  • tickled.

Taking this into account, what is the closest synonym for the word thrilled?


  • enthralled.
  • charmed.
  • thrilled.
  • elated.
  • charmed.
  • enthralled.
  • excited.
  • fulfilled.

Also, what is a synonym for ecstatic? Synonyms for ecstatic. satisfied, feasted, and gassed are all words that come to me when I think of the words agreed (with), contented, feasted, and

What is the synonym for Thrilled in this context?

‘Thrilled’ synonyms They are relieved to be returning home. excited. He couldn’t talk because he was so delighted. thrilled.

Is ecstatic a casual term?

delighted. happy, contented, satisfied, glad, tickled, gratified, over the moon (informal), chuffed (Brit.) adjective pleased, thrilled, delighted, happy, contented, satisfied, glad, tickled, gratified, over the moon (informal), chuffed (Brit.)

Answers to Related Questions

When you can’t wait for something, what do you call it?

I’m looking forward to it. Be very excited, anxious, or impatient, as in We can’t wait for baseball season to start or I can’t wait to see Dad after a year. While the literal meaning of being unable to wait (because to a lack of time) is far older, the metaphorical connotation only originates from before 1930.

In a sentence, how do you utilize the word “thrilled”?

Examples of Thrilled Sentences

  1. He was overjoyed by the news!
  2. Betsy was ecstatic to be the game’s leader.
  3. I am delighted for you, princess.
  4. Our father would be happy with your accomplishments.
  5. On the phone, she sounded ecstatic about the baby.

What is a synonym for the word “proud”?

proud’s synonyms

  • appreciated.
  • glad.
  • great.
  • honored.
  • illustrious.
  • noble.
  • satisfied.
  • august.

What is another term for anticipating?

Synonyms for eagerly anticipating

buoyant. cheery. comfy. confident. eager.

What does it imply when I say I’m ecstatic?

Someone who is delighted is exceedingly glad and enthusiastic about something. I was ecstatic to get a decent mark from him.

What is another word for ecstatic?

ecstatic(adjective) Joyful, ecstatic, euphoric, delirious, jubilant, blissful are synonyms.

Is ecstatic an adjective?

The word exciting is derived from the verb thrill, which originally meant “to puncture,” but eventually came to signify “to create a shivering sensation” or “to penetrate with emotion.”

What is the name for a sensation of extreme pleasure?

ecstasy is a word that means “to be in a state of ecstasy a strong sense of joy and pleasure, including sexual satisfaction

Is there a better term for contentment?

contented, gratified, delighted, and satisfied are all words that may be used to describe someone who is content. Words that are related to the word “happy.” ecstatic, ecstatic, ecstatic, ecstatic, ecstatic, ecstatic, ecstatic, ecstatic, ecstatic, ecstatic, ecstatic, ecstatic ecstatic, elated, entranced, euphoric, delighted, rapturous, thrilled; ecstatic, elated, enraptured, euphoric; euphoric; euphoric; euphoric;

What does it feel like to be excited?

excitement. A sensation or circumstance that is full of activity, delight, exhilaration, or upheaval is called excitement. One thing about excitement is that it is never dull. There are many forms of excitement, but they’re all thrilling in the sense that they draw your attention.

What’s a fancy way of saying “I’m excited”?

aroused, stimulated, agitated, eager, enthusiastic, agog, irked, seething, worked up, furious, flushed, overwrought, wound up, restless, feverish, stirred, nervous, roused, disturbed, concerned, upset, angry, disconcerted, disquieted, tense, discomposed, turbulent, injured

Which word has a similar meaning to happy?

rapturous, enraptured, relieved, congenial, cheery, blithe, jolly, hilarious, sparkling, enchanted, unalloyed, transported, rejoicing, blissful, jovial, jocund, delightful, gay, captivated, blest, laughing, contented, genial, convivial, satisfied, rapturous, enraptured, relieved, congenial, cheery, blithe,

What is another term for pleasure or happiness?

Bliss, felicity, glee, gleefulness, joy, and pleasure are all synonyms for bliss. amusement, amusement, amusement, amusement, amusement, amusement, amusement, amusement excitement, exultation, intoxication, elatedness, elation, elation, elation, elation, elation, elation, elation, elation, elation rapture, ecstasy, pleasure, paradise enthusiasm, exuberance, gaiety (sometimes gayety), jollity, joy, and jubilee are all synonyms for cheer.

Will you be ecstatic or will you be ecstatic?

You are exceedingly happy and thrilled about something if you are delighted. Frank, I’m sure, will be overjoyed to see you. When someone invites or asks you to do something, you might remark that you would be glad to do it as a means of expressing your eagerness.

What does it mean to be described as delightful?

Someone or anything that is attractive or brings pleasure and joy is described as lovely. A pleasant movie that you truly like viewing is an example of something that might be defined as wonderful.

What exactly do you mean when you say “excited”?

excited. (?ksa?td) (?ksa?td) (?ksa?td) 1. adverb [typically a verb-link adverbial adverbial adverbial When you’re enthusiastic, you’re so delighted that you can’t rest, particularly if you’re anticipating something good that will happen to you.

What exactly is Delite?

delite (noun) (plural delites) Delightfulness is a joyful or amusing sensation, particularly one that is sexual: In the abstract or in general, enjoyability or delightfulness are terms that are used to describe how enjoyable or pleasant something is. A lovely experience; a delightful time or location.


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