The main character, Madame Defarge is a woman who has an axe and she kills people during the French Revolution. She’s trying to get revenge on The Marquis for his part in her husband getting killed.

Madame Defarge is a character in “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. She is the wife of the French aristocrat, Dr. Manette. Madame Defarge hates Darnay because he is an Englishman and she believes that all Englishmen are traitors. In the novel, she dies from her own hand after being forced to drink poison by her fellow revolutionaries.

How does Madame Defarge die? |

Madame Defarge’s murder by a bullet from her own gun—she dies in a skirmish with Miss Pross is a sassy young lady—symbolizes Dickens’ conviction that Madame Defarge’s spiteful attitude is ultimately self-destructive.

In this case, who is the murderer of Madame Defarge?

Miss Pross is a sassy young lady

Similarly, what is Madame Defarge’s mystery? One of Dickens’ greatest villainesses is Madame Defarge. Her secret motivates her to seek vengeance so vehemently that it binds her to the French Revolution. The central plot of Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities is subsumed within the narrative of Madame Defarge and her zealous vengeance in this short drama.

So, why is Madame Defarge seeking vengeance?

Madame Defarge, a spiteful knitter and wine store owner, is the antagonist in Charles Dickens’ classic A Tale of Two Cities. She is hell-bent on avenging her family by murdering every member of the Evremonde clan. In this scenario, Madame Defarge is also a victim, having lost her whole family to two men.

What makes Madame Defarge so bad?

Madame Defarge intends to achieve this in order to revenge her family’s murder at the hands of nobility. Madame Defarge is rather silent at the start of the novel. She is acting in an awful manner as a result of the loss of her family, and she will not stop until she achieves her aim.

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Does Miss Pross is a sassy young lady go deaf?

By the end of their struggle, Miss Pross is a sassy young lady is deaf and Madame Defarge is dead.

Is Dr. Manette going to die?

Darnay is sentenced to death for his uncle’s crimes, but Sydney Carton, in love with Lucie Manette, disguises himself as Charles and stands in for him at the guillotine.

Madame Defarge wears a rose for a reason.

Defarge is well aware that he is a spy on the lookout for rebels to assassinate. As a warning to the rest of the third estate, the rose is put in her hat. It serves as a warning sign for people to avoid the area.

Charles Darnay’s age is unknown.

When most of these people are presented, Dickens does provide their ages. Book 1 chapter 4 says Lucie Manette is 17, Book 2 chapter 2 says Charles Darnay is 25, and Book 1 chapter 5 says Madame Defarge is 30.

Why did carton sacrifice himself for Darnay?

Sydney Carton is a fictitious character who appears in Charles Dickens’ 1859 novel A Tale of Two Cities, which is set in France and England before and during the French Revolution. Carton is allowed to stand in for Darnay, who has been condemned to death by guillotine, because to this coincidence.

In a story of two cities, who dies?

Sydney Carton dies, which is a spoiler. Sydney Carton, along with fifty-one other persons, perishes. We receive front-row seats to our first intimate contact with the guillotine as throngs of “patriots” rush to the executions.

What does the knitting of Madame Defarge represent?

Defarge is a symbol for a number of things. She is a manifestation of one of the Fates’ aspects. Defarge knits, and her knitting secretly encodes the names of people to be killed, just as the Moirai (as depicted in Greek mythology) used yarn to measure out a man’s life and cut it to end it; the Moirai (as depicted in Greek mythology) used yarn to measure out a man’s life and cut it to end it; the Moirai (as depicted in Greek mythology) used yarn to measure out a man’s life and

Madame Defarge knitting is the name of someone else.

she codes names into her stitching so they know who to destroy next. Madame Defarge knitting is the name of someone else. charles darnay and anyone associated to him- the manettes.

At the guillotine, who knitted?

Madame Defarge is a particularly violent tricoteuse during the Reign of Terror in Charles Dickens’ classic A Tale of Two Cities. She and other female rebels use varied stitch sequences to encode the names of individuals who would be executed into their hand-knit items.

Who is the one who seeks vengeance?

The Retaliation. Madame Defarge’s nickname for a close friend who is a major rebel in Saint Antoine.

In Chapter 15, what is Madame Defarge knitting?

Book 2: Chapter 15 – Knitting (Summary and Analysis)

Defarge is accompanied to the wine store by the road mender who observed the guy beneath the Marquis St. Evrémonde’s carriage. As a consequence, in her record, Madame Defarge sentences the whole Evrémonde family to death.

Madame Defarge is continuously involved in what activity?


In Chapter 21 of A Tale of Two Cities, what is the date?

The narrator mentions Sydney Carton’s echoing footsteps as he walks about Lucie and Charles’ loving home. As the Revolution gathers momentum and ultimately erupts violently at the Bastille on July 14, 1789, there are also echoing footsteps across France.

In a story of two cities, what does knitting represent?

Knitting by Madame Defarge

But on a metaphoric level, the knitting constitutes a symbol in itself, representing the stealthy, cold-blooded vengefulness of the revolutionaries. Knitting by Madame Defarge thus becomes a symbol of her victims’ fate—death at the hands of a wrathful peasantry.

Lucie Manette represents what?

Despite the fact that Lucie is a one-dimensional character, she is significant. Dickens uses her to show how strong pure love and compassion can be, even in the midst of violence and hate.

What happens to Sydney Carton when he dies?

Answer and Explanation: When Charles is captured and sentenced to death by guillotine, with the possibility that his wife, Lucie, and their daughter may also perish, Sydney fears for their safety.

In a story of two cities, who is Gaspard?

Gaspard is a French farmer whose kid is murdered by the evil Marquis St. Evremonde in Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities. He exacts vengeance on the Marquis and, after a year in hiding, is apprehended and killed, much to the chagrin of the villagers.


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