Captivated is a book about the experiences of a young woman who falls in love with an older man, but what really captivates her is how he’s able to make sense of his life through poetry. In this introduction, we will define and discuss the meaning of captivation as well as some examples from literature that use it.

The “captivating view in a sentence” is when you see something which makes you want to continue looking at it. The word captivate has been used since the 17th century and means to enthrall or charm someone.

How do you use captivated in a sentence? |

Examples of Captivated Sentences

  1. He’s enthralled by her writing, she claims.
  2. Aren’t you enthralled as well?
  3. He attracted and seduced Philippa, the prince’s lovely daughter and sister of the empress Maria, while staying here.
  4. As she floated across the stage, she charmed him.
  5. He may have enthralled his audience by imparting “knowledge,” as P. W. Tolkien put it.

Also, how do you utilize the word enthralling in a sentence?

Examples of Captivating Sentences

  1. His eyes were enthralling, and they were by far the most appealing element of his darkly gorgeous face.
  2. He also had the unusual ability to enthrall honest people like Moreau.
  3. He also had the unusual ability to enthrall honest people like Moreau.

What is a synonym for fascinated, for example? Allure, bewitch, charm, enchant, fascinate, kill, magnetize, wile, witch [archaic] Synonyms of captivate

Also, how do you utilize the word “device” in a sentence?

Examples of Sentences for Devices

  1. He gave her the gadget.
  2. That gadget has the ability to monitor your whereabouts at any moment.
  3. The gadget is really effective.
  4. He activated the communication gadget by touching it.
  5. He activated the communication gadget by touching it.
  6. Others have speculated that it was a priestly plot.

What exactly does it mean to enthrall someone?

To captivate someone is to draw them in, to fascinate or enchant them. Some individuals are able to fascinate with their wit and charm, while others are able to captivate with their physical beauty and brains. Take note of the verbs captivate and capture’s resemblance. Both are derived from the Latin word captus, which means “taken prisoner.”

Answers to Related Questions

What does it mean to be enthralled by you?

Something that is fully engrossing and retains your attention is described as captivating. This word derives from the Latin captivatus, which means “to seize or capture,” and captivating had that literal meaning early on. It’s now exclusively used to refer to catching attention.

What is the best way to utilize visualize in a sentence?

Consider the following sentences:

  1. Gabe attempted to imagine the Code as a lady with whom he couldn’t communicate.
  2. Our thoughts naturally gravitate to individuals who would be displaced by technological advancement when we imagine a future where robots accomplish more and more of the labor that humans used to do.

What is the best way to utilize the word patent in a sentence?

Patent in a Examples of Sentences

They were accused of infringing on a patent. His answer turned out to be a complete fabrication. She behaved with complete contempt for the law.

Is there such a thing as captivation?

Her blue eyes and crimson hair enchanted him. to attract and maintain the attention or interest of, as by beauty or excellence: Her blue eyes and scarlet hair enchanted him.

In poetry, what are literary devices?

Poem’s Definition

Meter, rhyme, rhythm, symbolism, imagery, repetition, consonance, assonance, alliteration, enjambment, and so on are all literary techniques that may be found in a poem.

What is a verb phrase that has been interrupted?

This page was last updated on April 27, 2019. A word group (a statement, inquiry, or exclamation) that interrupts the flow of a sentence and is frequently separated by commas, dashes, or parentheses is known as an interrupting phrase. Also known as an insertion, an interrupter, or a mid-sentence interruption.

What is the best way to utilize the word effective in a sentence?

Examples of Sentences that work For all eternity, she was essentially imprisoned in Hell with the devil. How could she forget the event that had essentially condemned her and permanently branded her as his?

What is the best way to use dynamic in a sentence?

Examples of Sentences that are dynamic

  1. Its notion had to become dynamic; some kind of development theory, such as J., was required.
  2. Ladenburg was replied by Kekule, who proposed a dynamic interpretation of valency.

In a sentence, how do you utilize the term prophecy?

Examples of Sentences

  1. He talked of freedom for all people in his first prophesy.
  2. However, this benevolent prophesy has never come true.
  3. As a result, there were three competitors at war in Jerusalem when Vespasian was declared emperor in fulfillment of Josephus’ prophesy and delegated leadership to Titus.

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