In the game, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, players must collect items and fight monsters in order to defeat a Biblical demon master. The player can beat their way through the game or try all combinations of keys which unlock secret character endings.

The “binding of isaac endings guide” is a website that has been created by the Binding of Isaac community to help players unlock all the game’s endings.

How do you unlock the binding of Isaac endings? |


  1. After any conclusion, the credits are played.
  2. After beating Mom for the first time, an epilogue is accessible.
  3. After overcoming Mom’s Heart, you may choose from 1 to 11 endings.
  4. By defeating Sheol, you may unlock Ending 12.
  5. Beating The Cathedral unlocks Ending 13.
  6. By defeating The Chest, you may unlock Ending 14.

How does Isaac’s enslavement come to an end?

By murdering them and descending further into the Basement, Isaac is ignoring his destiny and reality. I hate to sound pessimistic, but even if Isaac chooses the Cathedral path, he’ll die in the end, or at the very least be locked in the toy chest after closing himself in. More information about this will be provided later.

Also, what is the narrative of Isaac’s binding? The Binding of Isaac is a biblical narrative about devotion to go in which a father must murder his kid to show that he loves God above all else. However, just as he is about to kill his son, a lamb gets trapped in thorns as a message to tell him to stop.

How do you unlock it lives, was also a question.

Boss Rush: Kill Mom in less than 20 minutes and penetrate the enormous breach in the wall. Kill Mom’s Heart 10 times in the Cathedral/Sheol, and Mom’s Heart will be permanently replaced with It Lives. A ray of light and a stairway will emerge when you beat It Lives. The Cathedral is reached with a laser beam.

What should you do when you’ve broken Isaac’s binding?

Mom’s Heart cannot be completed until It Lives is unlocked, at which point a Devil Room or an Angel Room will open, allowing you to go to Sheol or The Cathedral, respectively. Mom’s Heart will be permanently replaced by It Lives after being slain 11 times.

Answers to Related Questions

How do you acquire Isaac’s negative binding?

The Dark Side. By defeating Sheol five times, the Negative is unlocked. It has the appearance of an inverted polaroid. Once you’ve defeated Mom and unlocked this, you’ll be able to choose between The Polaroid and The Negative.

How can you get silence in Isaac’s Binding?

After conquering Mom’s Heart for the tenth time, it gets unlocked. Within 30 minutes, vanquish Mom’s Heart or It Lives! to get access to it. The door to the Blue Womb will vanish if you leave and return to the Boss Room after the countdown has run out.

Does Isaac perish as a result of his binding?

The Endings of the Binding of Isaac Rebirth EXPLA It seems more likely that Isaac died in the chest without his mother knowing (the Eden ending is a bit dubious because it’s in the womb, implying he’s still in his imaginary world) and that Isaac never escaped the chest (the Eden ending is a bit dubious because it’s in the womb, implying he’s still in his imaginary world).

What’s the best way to obtain Apollyon?

Apollyon (?????, Aporion) is a playable character that may be unlocked by fighting Mega Satan for the first time in the Afterbirth DLC. He begins with Void, which can be used to absorb both passive and active items for stat increases and effects.

Is the Chaos card effective against delirium?

It will, however, have no effect on Delirium, since it is the sole opponent immune to chaos cards; the card will just vanish. Unless you hurl it from the bottom side, it will only destroy one phase of Hush.

How do you unlock characters in Isaac’s Binding?

How to Unlock All of The Binding of Isaac’s Characters

  1. Isaac: By default, Isaac is unlocked.
  2. Magdalene: At the same time, have seven heart containers.
  3. Cain: At any given time, you must have 55 coins.
  4. Defeat Mom’s Heart, Judas.
  5. Eve: In one run, make at least two bargains with the devil.
  6. Defeat It Lives (a more tougher variant of Mum’s Heart that may be unlocked after conquering Mum’s Heart 9 times).

How many different endings does Isaac’s Binding have?


How can you get rid of a womb scar?

Utero. It takes 30 defeats of It Lives to uncover the Scarred Womb.

What is the key to unlocking the lost?

Seeded runs may be used to unlock the lost at any stage of the procedure save the final one.

  1. Isaac must have died in the basement/cellar from a Mulliboom.
  2. Magdalene must perish in the Caves/Catacombs from one of her own explosives.
  3. During the boss battle, Judas must perish by Mom’s foot or Mom’s hand.

How can you get access to Blue Womb?

The Blue Womb is a game feature that may be unlocked by beating Mom’s Heart/It Lives! in under 30 minutes. A similar space to the Boss Rush chamber will appear, and you may enter to reach the region. After conquering Mom’s Heart 10 times, the Blue Womb is opened.

How can I get my d6 unlocked?

a single response The D6 is unlocked by defeating the Cathedral as Blue Baby/??? (who is unlocked by beating Mom’s Heart 10 times), as stated in the Rebirth Wiki (which is right in this instance). Isaac will carry it as a beginning item after it has been unlocked.

How do you go inside the dimly lit room?

To access the Dark Room, you must first defeat Satan five times in Sheol, opening the Negative. When you beat up on Mom, she’ll give you the Negative. Go down into Shoel, fight Satan, step inside the chest, and be carried to the dark chamber when you beat Mom’s heart. There are four red chests in the first room in the dark chamber.

What is Isaac’s most recent binding?

A new trailer for The Binding of Isaac: Repentance has been released. According to inventor Edmund McMillen, 2018 is “the year of Isaac.” Some gamers have noticed that the Repentance logo looks a lot like The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth, a free fan-made addition that was published in December 2016.

Why did Abraham offer his son as a sacrifice?

According to Islamic accounts, when Abraham told his son about the vision, he accepted to be sacrificed in order to fulfill God’s instruction, and there was no tying to the altar. According to the Quran, God gave Abraham a forbearing son when he requested for a virtuous son.

Is Isaac’s Binding: Afterbirth Plus available on Xbox One?

On October 24, 2019, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ will be released on Xbox One!

How long did it take for Isaac to be bound?

After nearly three months of part-time programming, we completed The Binding of Isaac. We put it out on Steam, and it did well; during the first few weeks, the game sold roughly 100-200 copies per day, finally settling at about 150 per day after a few months.

How much does Isaac’s afterbirth plus cost?

$9.99. To continue, please enter your date of birth.


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