Photobombing is a technique where someone takes a picture in progress, while the photographer of that photo is not aware. In this way, they can make funny or awkward photographs with other people who are unaware of their presence. This infographic will help you understand what it means and why it’s called photobombs.

“Photobombing a picture” is when you take a photo of someone else and put it in their photo. This can be done by taking the camera out of your pocket or by moving quickly.

How do you Photobomb a picture? |

On your PC, make a photobomb picture.

  1. Cut off your face from another shot, erase the background, then insert it in the new photo using Photoshop’s “lasso” and “mask” tools.
  2. Try putting yourself in someone else’s picture of friends or family, or even putting your pet or another friend’s face in your own.

What does Photobomb imply in slang in this context?

A ‘photobomb’ is when an unexpected person or item emerges in the middle of a shot, either on purpose or by mistake. Photobombing is frequently done as a joke and without the consent of the primary subjects of the photograph.

Is Photobombing impolite in addition to the aforementioned? Of course, dog picture bombing is okay! To answer your question, that is rather impolite. It’s a good thing most of us these days use digital cameras. It’d be much more aggravating if you were using rolls of film and paying for pricey development and then getting your photos back photo-bombed to heck!

In light of this, how would you use the word Photobomb in a sentence?


  1. Mr.
  2. By standing behind us as we shot the camera, a humorous circus clown was able to photobomb our photograph.
  3. My younger sister couldn’t seem to fit herself into my selfies with my buddies, despite her best efforts.

What exactly is a Photobomb photo?

Photobombing is the deliberate placement of oneself in the frame of a picture, usually as a practical joke on the photographer or the subjects. Since 2009, photobombing has gotten a lot of attention.

Answers to Related Questions

On Kik, how do you send an image bomb?

On Kik, what does Photobomb do? You choose a photo, and when you transmit it to someone, you have the option of determining how long that person may see it before the “Photo Bombs.” That individual will not be able to view that photo again after those seconds have passed unless you send it again.

Is there such a thing as a photobomb?

Photobombing in the background

There’s also the phrase photobomb, which may be used as a transitive verb (typically realized as participle adjective photobombed) or a countable noun referring to the photo itself, in addition to the related noun photobomber.

What is the definition of a video bomb?

The phenomena of persons appearing unexpectedly in a video who were not meant to be there by the camera operators or the people being recorded is known as videobombing. Photobombing is a word that applies the idea to a still image rather than video footage.

Is Photobomb a single word or a two-word phrase?

Photobombs, photobombed, and photobombing are verb forms. Photobomb is a transitive verb, meaning it takes an object. Photobomb is also a word, and a person who photobombs is known as a photobomber. In June of 2008, the term photobomb was first reported on the Urban Dictionary website.

Who came up with the idea for Photobomb?

Paul McCartney is a British musician.

When did the term “photobomb” originally appear?

User U8IK contributed the first known Urban Dictionary definition of photobombing on May 6th, 2008, and it was subsequently selected as the Urban Word of the Day (on June 20th, 2008). On the Internet, photobombing organizations sprung up in a matter of days.

When did Photobomb become a word in the dictionary?

In 2008, a photobomb was used for the first time.

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