The desert in EarthBound is one of the more ambitious and expansive areas for exploration. It can be seen from atop Fourside, as a vast expanse filled with dangerous creatures. The player must find their way through it to get to the final boss on Fourside, Giygas. There are many ways by which players might make their way there, but this article will focus on just two main methods: traveling via Ness’s bike or Rock Candy Mountain Railroad Line

If you are having trouble getting to the desert in EarthBound, then use this walkthrough. It will show you how to get there.

How do you get to the desert in EarthBound? |

From the hut, travel east until you see the tunnel, then go down and west until you see a sign that says “Desert,” then head north and you’ll find it. You may either walk back to the bus station to get a ride to Fourside or you can take the bus.

Also, in EarthBound, how do you go to the Fourside?

You arrive in Fourside after walking across the desert to avoid a traffic gridlock. Fourside

  1. Purchase the Gadget That Broke.
  2. Assist the five fugitives.
  3. Have some photos taken.
  4. Returning to the Miners’ Shack
  5. The Mine Must Be Cleared

Also, where can I get the contact lenses in EarthBound? The location of the contact lens has been discovered. The sign is north of the White Sesame Seed well, and the lens is close to the right of the sign. Return this to the guy in Fourside for a pair of solidified Dirty Socks that can only be used once. Go to the Topolla Theater now.

Also, in EarthBound, how do you go inside the pyramid?

Investigate the Pyramid From the entrance of the pyramid, go east. On your way to obtain a Viper, open the coffin. Continue eastward until you come to a chamber with a tomb in the center. If you desire a Bag of Dragonite, walk through the upper-left door in that chamber.

In EarthBound, how do you earn gold?

In EarthBound, the Desert Gold Mine is a locale. It’s a deep, maze-like mine in the Dusty Dunes Desert that Ness and pals can only go to by giving the mine worker a meal item and then speaking with the Topolla Theater management in Fourside.

Answers to Related Questions

How can you avoid being spooked at a department store?

Spook in the storeroom. Fire a large bottle rocket at him and quickly utilize PSI special beta. Keep up the assault with your finest attacks if it isn’t enough to take him out. You must eliminate this adversary quickly or it will eliminate you.

What is the best way to go past Talah Rama?

You’ll have to walk outside and contact Mach Pizza if you give the Pizza to the incorrect monkey. To go to Talah Rama, locate the King Banana (follow the map to get it) and hand it over to the monkey who requests it. To go to the chamber where Talah Rama is waiting, you must first erase a Pencil Statue.

In Earthbound, how does Jeff mend things?

Put a damaged item in Jeff’s inventory and spend the night in a hotel or other similar place to fix it. If he has a high enough IQ and luck is on your side, he’ll work all night to repair the problem.

How can I get out of Moonside?

Go to the right side of the Monotoli Building and speak with the sailor; he will depart with the unseen guy. You may now go to the Monotoli Building’s front. Monotoli will vanish if you speak to him.

What is the best way to travel to Scaraba?

Scaraba is next.

The ship will travel to Scaraba when you destroy the Kraken. Walking anywhere outside of town might cause sunstroke, so be cautious. In the Scaraba market, upgrade your equipment and purchase a Piggy Nose. To learn more about the lost dungeon key, speak with the guy sitting on top of the rope.


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