The conflict of the Gift of the Magi is a story which explains what happens when one person’s sacrifice for another meets with their selfishness. This short story was written by O. Henry in 1906 and has been adapted into many different forms including: theater, opera, ballet, and film adaptation.

The “what is the internal conflict in the gift of the magi” is a short story written by O. Henry that tells the tale of a young couple who have fallen on hard times and are struggling to make ends meet. The main conflict in this story is between their desire for each other, and what they can afford to give one another.

What is the conflict of the Gift of the Magi? |

The fundamental tension in “The Present of the Magi” is that Della does not have enough money saved to purchase the gift that she believes Jim deserves.

As a result, how is the tension addressed in the Magi’s gift?

The decision to “When Jim tells his wife that they should “put our Christmas presents away and keep them for a while,” he is referring to “The Gift of the Magi.” They’re much too good to be used right now.” He says this because, like his wife, he sold his most valuable asset—his watch, and she her hair.

In The Gift of Magi, what is the setting? The narrative takes set in New York during the festive season of Christmas. Della and Jim, the primary protagonists in the short tale, reside in a cramped yet well-kept apartment. Due to the couple’s low income, it is sparsely furnished.

Similarly, what is the story’s climax in The Gift of the Magi?

The Gift of the Magi’s climax occurs when Jim and Della display each other the presents they had purchased for each other. Similarly, Jim is giving something of himself by selling his watch in order to be able to offer Della a Christmas gift.

What is the irony of the Magi’s Gift?

The irony of “The Gift of the Magi’s” finale is that both Della and Jim selflessly gave their most valued assets in order to buy presents that the other would be overjoyed to receive, yet each of them sacrificed the exact thing for which the other purchased the gift.

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Which of the four major categories of literary conflict are there?

Many tales involve numerous sorts of conflict, but the major emphasis is generally on one.

  • Self vs. Character.
  • Character versus. Character is a battle between two characters.
  • Nature vs. Character.
  • Supernatural vs. Character.
  • Technology vs. Character.
  • Society vs. Character.

What are the characters in the Magi’s Gift?

Characters. Della and her husband, Jim, are the central characters in O. Henry’s short tale “The Gift of the Magi.” The majority of the time, Della’s point of view is used so that we can see her as the most important character.

How many characters are included in the Magi’s gift?

Jim and Della are the main protagonists in “The Gift of the Magi,” with Madame Sofronie as a supporting character.

What exactly does the Gift of the Magi imply?

The story’s title relates to the three “wise men,” or magi, who are said to have arrived with priceless gifts to give to Jesus at his birth. Because of the concept of priceless gifts and the sense of knowledge that the title refers to, O. Henry chose this term.

What does the Gift of the Magi teach us?

The message of “The Gift of the Magi” is that the best gifts of all are selflessness and love.

What is The Gift of Magi’s plot?

It is set around the Christmas season and depicts the tale of Jim and Della Dillingham, a poor, young married couple who cannot afford to give each other Christmas presents. Both trade their most valued possessions to buy for a present for the other as The Gift of the Magi unfolds.

What is the message of the Magi’s gift?

The moral of the tale is that genuine love captures the spirit of Christmas more than any present we could give to someone else. This short story’s theme is that love is the most valuable gift that two people can offer to one another.

What is a literary plot’s increasing action?

The term “rising action” is defined as “action that is increasing in intensity In a storyline, rising action refers to a succession of events that build suspense, intrigue, and tension in the story. A rising action in literature refers to all actions, character faults, and background conditions that combine to generate turns and twists that lead to a climax.

What happened to Jim and Della’s presents to each other?

Similarly, Della recognizes that Jim will no longer need the chain since he no longer wears a watch. Both Jim and Della are well aware of the folly of their presents. They gave up their most precious assets to purchase a present that each of them would treasure. Their selfless offering has undoubtedly earned them the title of magi.

What is the Gift of the Magi’s central theme?

Love is the most important subject in “The Gift of the Magi.” Jim and Della are prepared to give up their most valued assets in order to make each other happy, illustrating that a richness of love can compensate for a lack of worldly prosperity. Generosity, selflessness, and poverty are some of the other themes.

What role does the surroundings play in the Magi’s gift?

The setting of any story is crucial. It’s very significant for the Magi’s Gift. This adds to the poignancy of the narrative, since both Jim and Della are giving out of need rather than excess.

In The Gift of Magi, who is the main character?


The “the gift of the magi theme” is a short story by O. Henry that was published in 1905. The story follows a poor couple who buy each other gifts, but then their economic situation changes and they must part ways.


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