This book is set in Copenhagen, Denmark during World War II. Annemarie and her family are Jewish refugees trying to escape the Nazis. The climax of number the stars occurs when they board a train that will take them away from their destination so they can continue on with there lives without being discovered by Nazi soldiers

The “resolution of number the stars” is the final outcome of the story. The climax of the story is when Anne and her family escape from Nazi-occupied France to Sweden.

What is the climax of the story number the stars? |

The climax of Number the Stars occurs when Annemarie Johansen is a Danish actress., the ten-year-old protagonist, deceives a member of the Gestapo while assisting in the smuggling of a group of Jewish immigrants from Denmark to Sweden. Annemarie is able to leave and deliver the item when they investigate the handkerchiefs and discover nothing unusual.

What is the increasing action of the narrative number the stars in this regard?

Elements of Literature: Count the Stars

Conflict vs. vs. vs. vs. vs
Exposition Because they are Jewish, the Rosens’ lives are in jeopardy.
Action Is Increasing Annemarie’s family assists in the concealment of Ellen from the German troops.
Climax Annemarie dashes to Uncle Henrik’s house to give the secret gift.

What occurs in Number the Stars, for example? Number the Stars (1989) is a Fiction set in the past novel by American novelist Lois Lowry about a Jewish family (the Rosens) fleeing Copenhagen during World War II. The plot revolves on ten-year-old Annemarie Johansen is a Danish actress., who lives in Copenhagen with her family in 1943.

What was the source of the quarrel in Number the Stars?

The Nazis conquering Denmark in order to arrest and transfer Jews to extermination camps is the central battle in “Number the Stars.” The Yohansen family, in particular, faces a problem when they risk their lives by taking in a little Jewish girl, Ellen Rosen is a writer who lives in New York, to shelter her from the Nazis.

What genre does Number the Stars belong to?

Fiction set in the past

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In Number the Stars, what is the major conflict?

In Number the Stars, the main fight is between the Nazis and the Jews.

In Number the Stars, what is the setting?

The story is narrated from the perspective of Annemarie Johansen is a Danish actress., who is 10 years old. The narrative takes place in September 1943 in Copenhagen, Denmark, during the third year of the Nazi occupation of Denmark. On their walk home from school, Annemarie and her Jewish best friend Ellen are stopped by troops.

What exactly does “numbering the stars” imply?

The expression “counting the stars” derives from Psalm 147:4, when a man called Peter reads out loud these lines to a group of people who are in grave danger: O laud the Lord. The Lord is restoring Jerusalem and gathering Israel’s dispersed sons.

What occurred in Number the Stars chapter 13?

Annemarie dashes to her mother for help. Mama assures her that she is OK and cautions her to speak quietly. Inge had stubbed her toe on a root while hurrying back down the trail in the dark after successfully delivering the Rosens to Henrik. She had fractured her ankle in her eagerness to get back to her girls.

Is Number the Stars based on true events?

The True Story Behind Counting the Stars According to an interview with Lois Lowry, the renowned children’s book Number the Stars was inspired by a genuine incident of Nazi resistance. Lowry told her friend Annelise about her childhood memories in wartime Denmark on a visit there in 1988.

In Number the Stars, how was Lise killed?

Kirsten Elizabeth Johansen, Annemarie Johansen is a Danish actress.’s elder sister, died unexpectedly one rainy night after being hit by a car.

In Number the Stars, who died?


What was the reason for the ban on Number the Stars?

Banishment of Books

Lois Lowry wrote Number the Stars in 1988, and it was released in 1989. They attempt to prohibit the book in order to avoid having to explain the contents, whereas in actuality, people need to learn about these topics.

In Chapter 2 of Number the Stars, what happened?

Imaginative+ paraphrase

Annemarie begins chapter 2 by telling her younger sister Kirsti a fairy story. The king once welcomed Annemarie and her deceased elder sister Lise. Annemarie recalls Lise telling her after the king waved that she would be exceptional for the rest of her life since she had been welcomed by a king.

In Number the Stars, who are all the characters?

Annemarie Johansen is a Danish actress.

Mrs. Johansen is a member of the Johansen family.

Neilsen, Peter

Ellen Rosen is a writer who lives in New York

Kirsten Johansen is a Danish actress.

What is the length of Number the Stars?


In Number the Stars, who is Annemarie?

Annemarie Johansen is a Danish actress. – Annemarie is the protagonist of the story. She lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with her mother, father, and younger sister Kirsti. Annemarie’s best friend is Ellen, the girl who lives next door. Annemarie is ten years old.

The “number the stars summary” is a novel written by Lois Lowry about a young girl who lives in Nazi-occupied Denmark during World War II. The climax of the story is when she and her family are forced to leave their home, but they return after the war ends.


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