A daughter of invention is a person who invents without any knowledge or training in the field.

The “daughter of invention” is a children’s book by K. A. Applegate about an inventor, her daughter and the inventions they create together. The climax is when their creations are finally revealed to the world.

What is the climax of daughter of invention? |

The increasing action of Alvarez’s novel is this assignment and the daughter’s attempts to create a speech inspired by Whitman. The story’s climax happens when the father, who cannot overcome his dread of the political authorities in his own nation who forced him into exile, overreacts to his daughter’s statement.

Furthermore, what is the point of contention in Daughter of Invention?

Cukita needs to prepare a speech for Teacher Day, and she is really enthusiastic about it, but her father thinks it is improper and rips it to bits. Where can I find foreshadowing? Cukita’s mother had composed the speech because she was furious.

What is the topic of daughter of innovation, other from the foregoing? The major topic of Daughter of Invention is to adapt to your circumstances and to be open to new ideas and change. This is the story’s theme, since change is the only word that comes to mind while describing it.

So, what exactly is the plot of Daughter of Invention?

Julia Alvarez’s novel Daughter of Invention This is a narrative of a family that came to the United States. This individual had relocated from the Dominican Republic and wanted to begin a new life since the Dominican Republic’s government was corrupt, and it was not a good time to be living there because it was unsafe.

In Daughter of Invention, what does the typewriter represent?

Clearly, the typewriter that the remorseful father buys for his daughter after ripping up her speech is the most powerful metaphor in this short tale for me. As a result, the typewriter serves since a metaphor of nurturing, as he wishes for his daughter to utilize it to develop her talents.

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What are the challenges that the girls are facing in their new country?

What are the challenges that the girls are facing in their new country? The difficulties they face include accustoming to their new life in America and learning a new language. What is the reaction of the narrator’s father to his daughter’s speech? He thinks that it is disrespectful and he forbids her to use it.

What does the underlined idiom reveal about Yoyo to the reader?

SHE FINISHED THE SPEECH IN A VERY SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME, according to the emphasized phrase. Because of the heat, you don’t survive long when you put your nose to the fire.

What is the reaction of the narrator’s father to his daughter’s speech?

The narrator, Carlos Garcia When Yolanda’s father hears the speech she wrote for Teacher’s Day, he is outraged. He thought it was terribly disrespectful and arrogant, and he showed no regard for the instructors who were supposed to receive it. He shreds the speech and prohibits her from delivering it in his rage.

What is it that Yolanda and her sisters are so yearning for?

What is it that Yolanda and her sisters are so yearning for? A. They want their mother to invent a suitcase with wheels and make a million dollars.

Which English idiom is similar to the one highlighted in this excerpt?

Answer: The expression slow and steady wins the race has the same meaning as the one highlighted in this text.

Why does Yoyo make the comparison between her father and Trujillo?

Yolanda’s reaction, which compares her father to dictator Trujillo, emphasizes the components of American culture and society that her father embraced after leaving the Dominican Republic. She argues that the core of tyranny, injustice, and misuse of power is mindless adherence to political authority.

In Daughter of Invention, who is the primary character?


The “daughter of invention plot diagram” is a picture that includes the climax of the book. It shows how the main character, Dolly, discovers her invention and saves her family from poverty.


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