A word with the opposite meaning of interpret.

The “interpret meaning” is the opposite of interpret. It means to take an existing text and make something new out of it.

What is the antonym of interpret? |

Synonyms: misread, misunderstand, erroneously believe, conceive, falsify, distort, misdeclare, and mislead. construe, explain, expound, expone, represent, declare, understand, elucidate, decipher, solve Synonyms: render, construe, explain, expound, expone, represent, declare, understand, elucidate, decipher, solve

Similarly, you could wonder what a synonym for interpret is.

Explain, expound, explicate, elucidate, and interpret are all words that intend to make something apparent or intelligible. Explaining anything that isn’t instantly clear or completely understood is making it plain or understandable.

What are the antonyms, second? Antonyms are synonyms that have the same meaning. An antonym is a term that has the same meaning as another. The antonym of ‘hot’, for example, may be ‘cold.’ The basic words for the term “antonym” are “anti,” which means “against” or “opposite,” and “onym,” which means “name.” Synonyms and antonyms are the polar opposites of each other.

Is delay an antonym of interpret here?

Defer is the antonym of interpret. The term “interpret” means “to explain,” whereas “infer” implies “to come to a conclusion.” Infer is the antonym of interpret.

What is the opposite of Perplexed?

perplexed(adj) is a difficult, perplexing, or befuddling adjective. “perplexed language”; “perplexed global situation” Unperplexed, unbaffled, and unconfused are antonyms.

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What does “interpret” mean in a sentence?

CM 286170 I’m not sure what to make of his statements. CK 316436 She mistook his words for a threat. This legislation, CK 2087364, may be read in a variety of ways. Don’t mistake their quiet for compliance, AlanF US 305032. CK 272785 The statement was translated for us by the instructor.

What exactly does it mean to “understand” a situation?

to explain, expound, or illuminate the secret meaning of a tale: to interpret the hidden meaning of a parable. to interpret or comprehend in a certain way: to interpret a positive response.

In a sentence, how do you employ interpretation?

Sentence Examples of Interpretation

  1. He smiled as he realized she had misinterpreted his response.
  2. His take of the dialogue was very different from mine.
  3. His take of the dialogue was very different from mine.
  4. However, there was a discrepancy in interpretation.
  5. A child’s perception of a miracle, or anything they don’t comprehend, is called magic.

What exactly do you mean when you say “interpreter”?

A high-level language interpreter is a program that executes instructions written in that language. The most usual way is to compile the program, while the other is to run it via an interpreter.

What exactly does it mean to “interpret” a statute?

The art or process of identifying a written document’s intended meaning, such as a constitution, legislation, contract, deed, or will. The procedure and practice of law both rely on the interpretation of written materials. When the meaning of a legal document has to be ascertained, interpretation is used.

What portion of the speech is translated?


portion of a sentence: verb that is transitive
inflections: interpreting, interpreting, interpreting, interpreting, interpreting, interpreting, interpreting, interpreting
1st definition to figure out or explain what it means These lines of the poem are a little difficult to decipher. synonyms: comparable words: clarify, illuminate, explain comprehend, decode, explain, decipher, decipher, decipher, decipher, decipher, decipher, decipher

What are your methods for deciphering dreams?

What Is The Best Way To Analyze Your Dreams?

  1. Keep a journal of your dreams.
  2. Determine how you felt in your dream.
  3. Recognize reoccurring ideas in your dreams and in your day-to-day existence.
  4. Take into account all of the components of a dream.
  5. Set the dream dictionaries aside.
  6. Keep in mind that you are the expert.
  7. Even the most banal dreams may teach you a lot.
  8. More information about Dream Resources may be found here.

What is an example of interpretation?

An interpretation is defined as an explanation of a person’s, place’s, work’s, or thing’s point of view. A feminist viewpoint on a piece of literature is an example of interpretation. Definition and use example from YourDictionary. MLA Style. Copyright 2018 by LoveToKnow Corp.

What exactly is Antonomy?

an·to·nym. (ăn′t?-nĭm′) A term that has the opposite meaning of another word: The antonym of the word “dry” is the word “wet.” [ant(i)- plus -onym.] adj. an′tonym′ic

What are some instances of opposites?

Examples of antonyms (opposites):

  • Day – Night.
  • Arrive and depart.
  • From junior through senior.
  • Worse – Better
  • Left – Right.
  • Poor – Rich.
  • Stupid – smart.
  • Small to large.

What are the 50 synonyms examples?

Synonyms in 50 Examples

  • HelpAssist.
  • TalkSpeak.
  • HardTough.
  • NiceGood.
  • PowerForce.
  • HiHello.
  • OkayFine.
  • ImportantSignificant.

What is the antonym of from?

“To” is the antonym (opposite phrase) of “from.”

What does it mean to be perplexed?

to perplex or confound intellectually because of anything not understood or certain: Her unexpected reaction baffled me. to complicate or confound as an issue or question. to obstruct due to complexities, ambiguity, or uncertainty

What is another word for ecstatic?

ecstatic(adjective) Joyful, ecstatic, euphoric, delirious, jubilant, blissful are synonyms.

What is another word for shocked?

(also awestricken), bowled over, astonished; astounded, amazed.

What exactly does the term perplex mean?

adverb (used with object)

to perplex or confound intellectually because of anything not understood or certain: Her unusual reaction baffled me. as an issue or a question, to make confusing or perplexing

What does it mean to be puzzled in the Bible?

adjective. A baffled state of mind. befuddled; puzzled: a perplexed state of mind. entangled; entangled; entangled; entangled; entangled; entangled

The “another word for interpreting data” is a term that is often used. It can be interpreted as meaning to understand or explain something. The antonym of interpret is translate, which means to change the form of something from one language to another.


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