In Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus takes a journey home from Troy. After being away for 10 years and fighting with the cyclops Polyphemos on his return voyage, he spends the next 9 months in Ithaca with King Alkinoos of the Phaeacians. The question asked is how long was Odysseus connected to these people?

The “What happened in phaeacia in the odyssey” is a question that has been asked for centuries. Odysseus was only with the phaeacians for 10 years, but he spent another 20 years trying to get back home.

How long did Odysseus stay with the phaeacians? |

Circe converted Odysseus’ soldiers back to human at his request. Odysseus fell in love with her and remained with her for a year.

How long did Odysseus spend at Ismarus, and how long did he spend there?

ten years

Also, how did the Phaeacians assist Odysseus? information on Expert Answers The Phaecians gave Odysseus with a place to stay, clothes, food, and a ship in which he could sail in order for him to return home. His Calypso-provided one was no longer capable of carrying him. In reality, it is the king and queen of Phaecia that make this possible.

How long did Odysseus spend with Aeolus here?

Keeping company with Aeolus They sailed for nine days, until on the tenth day, they beheld the beaches of Ithaca, their home. Odysseus was fatigued from managing the ship at this time and went into a deep slumber.

In the Odyssey, what happened to the Phaeacians?

Odysseus is stopped by a young girl who is Athena in disguise on his way to the palace of Alcinous, the king of the Phaeacians. She offers to lead him to the king’s palace and shrouds him in a protective mist to shield him from the Phaeacians, a kind but xenophobic race.

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In books 9 and 12, is Odysseus a good leader?

Odysseus is recognized for being a wonderful leader, and these abilities are shown by the way he consistently looks out for his soldiers. Although, on sometimes, his advice is disregarded, which illustrates the men’s obstinacy. This behavior may be witnessed prior to the Cicones’ onslaught.

Odysseus took something from Cyclops.

Odysseus offers to swap wine for food after learning that the satyrs worship Dionysos, the deity of wine. The Greek is warned by Silenus that the Cyclops would come soon and consume him and his men. Silenus betrays Odysseus by accusing him of taking the food when Polyphemus returns.

Why does Odysseus reveal his true identity to the Cyclops?

To prevent Polyphemus from successfully calling for aid when Odysseus enacts his escape plan, Odysseus tells him his name is “Nobody.” Odysseus says his name is Nobody while Polyphemus is inebriated. “You inquired about my renowned name, Cyclops,” he adds.

Odysseus killed the Cyclops for a reason.

Because Odysseus and his soldiers would be stuck in the cave if he killed the nasty cyclops Polyphemus, the hero of Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey does not kill him. Despite their might, Odysseus and his men would be unable to dislodge the stone that seals off the cave. The rock could only be moved by Polyphemus.

What happens to Odysseus once he dies?

When Telegonus 3 arrived in Ithaca, he drove away some of the livestock, and when Odysseus protected them, Telegonus 3 injured him with his spear, which was barbed with the spine of a stingray, and Odysseus died as a result of the wound. Others, on the other hand, believe Odysseus died of old age, as Tiresias foretold.

To whom does Odysseus relate his tale?

Review of People, Places, and Terms in The Odyssey

The deity of wind Aeolus
Odysseus is despised by this deity. Poseidon
Throughout much of The Odyssey, Odysseus is relating his narrative to whom? Alcinous is a genus of alga (Phaeacian king)
This plant will make you forget about your home if you eat it. Lotus

Odysseus went to Aeolia for a reason.

His ships were sent off course by a strong storm that lasted several days. Odysseus was forced to return to Aeolia. Some gods must have condemned Aeolus, he realized. Aeolus would have punished Odysseus if he had known, but as the hero had already departed the island, Aeolus would have punished his daughter.

At Ismarus, how many soldiers did Odysseus lose?

six men

Do Odysseus and Circe share a bed?

However, we know of a few ladies he slept with in the Odyssey. He and his companions encounter the witch/goddess Circe in one of their early escapades. Except for Odysseus, all of the men turn into pigs when she feeds them. Hermes had warned Odysseus about Circe and given him a herb that would shield him from her enchantment.

Is Odysseus a God or a Hero?

On the island of Ithaca, Odysseus was born. Young Odysseus also enjoyed hunting with his dog, Argos, who regularly accompanied him. He is not a deity, but on his mother’s side of the family, he has a link to the gods. Odysseus was gored by a wild boar on a hunting trip, and the encounter left a scar.

Who held Odysseus captive?


How did Poseidon prevent Odysseus from returning to Ithaca?

Odysseus is claimed to have blinded Polyphemus, the Cyclos monster who also happens to be Poseidon’s son, on his way home. By sealing the cave’s entrance, he blocked Odysseus and his soldiers from escaping. He then told them that because they had eaten his meal, he would gently consume theirs.

Why is it that Athena travels to Ithaca?

Athena flies to Ithaca with Zeus’ permission to talk with Telemachus. Athena, disguised as Odysseus’ old friend Mentes, predicts that Odysseus is still alive and would return to Ithaca shortly. She encourages Telemachus to gather the suitors and inform them that they have been expelled from his father’s land.

When Demodocus appears, why does Odysseus cry?

Demodocus sings about the quarrel between Odysseus and Achilles at Troy during the feast. Everyone appreciates the singing except Odysseus, who breaks down in tears as the music reminds him of his misery and suffering.

What was Poseidon’s punishment for the Phaeacians?

Poseidon fulfills a prophesy foretold in Book 8 by turning the Phaeacian ship that took Odysseus to Ithaca to stone just as it returns to the Phaeacian harbor, causing the ship to sink.

During the Games of Phaeacia, what does Odysseus win?

The Javelin is the one that Odysseus won at the games in Phaeacia.

Why does Athena make Odysseus a pauper?

The goddess Athena disguises Odysseus as a beggar and assists him in plotting his retribution against the suitors wooing his bride. The knowledge he gathers helps him to devise a vengeance strategy. It also provides a layer of surprise, preventing them from recognizing him and killing him first.

The “who is demodocus in the odyssey” is a question that has been asked for years. The answer to the question is that Demodocus was one of Odysseus’s crew members and he lived with the phaeacians for 10 years.


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