Khushwant Singh, a well-known Indian novelist and short story writer was born on the 15th of September 1919 in Lahore. His grandfather always told him stories about his grandmother who is known as ‘Pee Janoo’ or simply Grandma by everyone. The following are some excerpts from his novel “An Accidental Wife” which showcases the humorous side of her life to Khushwant:

Khushwant Singh, one of India’s best-known writers, has died aged 94. The author of more than 30 books, he was born in British India and spent most of his life in Delhi. He is known for his writings on the history of India and its culture.

How does Khushwant Singh describe his grandmother? |

His grandmother is described by Khushwant Singh as “short, chubby, and a bit stooped.” He also described her as not being very attractive in the conventional sense, but that her tranquility made her lovely since she constantly said quiet prayers from rosary beads. She was usually dressed immaculately in white.

As a result, one would wonder how Khushwant Singh describes his grandpa.

Answer: In The Picture of a Lady, Khushwant Singh mentions his grandfather’s portrait that hung over the mantle in the drawing room. In the image, his grandpa is wearing a large turban and loose-fitting clothing.

In The Portrait of a Lady, what does Khushwant Singh describe? Khushwant Singh makes a pen-picture of his grandmother in ‘The Portrait of a Lady.’ He recounts how he spent his boyhood in the hamlet with her. He also explains the changes in their relationship as they moved about the city. Finally, he recalls the heartbreaking sight of her demise.

Also, what vision of the author’s grandma did he have?

The author Khushwant Singh wrote the narrative Portrait of a Lady, which is a modest story about an elderly grandma. The grandma looks to be a devout and kind woman, since she feeds crows and visits the temple. She is calm, despite the fact that she is lonely.

Why did the author’s parents abandon him to the care of his grandmother?

When the author and his grandmother were invited to move to the city to be with his parents, their connection changed. As the author got older, their interaction became less. Until her grandson arrived from overseas, the grandma clung to life with tenacity.

Answers to Related Questions

What does the narrator mean when he refers to his grandma as a winter landscape?

The narrator of Khushwant Singh’s narrative “The picture of a woman” compares his grandma to a winter scene in the mountains because both depict an expanse of pristine white calm breathing peace and satisfaction.

What was it about the city that made the grandma unhappy?

Grandmother is dissatisfied with the city’s schooling because she has outdated beliefs. She enjoyed the lessons on religion and the gods that were taught at the rural schools.

When the narrator returned from his trip abroad, how did his grandma treat him?

The author’s grandmotherspenther days after he grew up in three ways. When they were summoned in the city, the connection between the narrator and his grandma was broken. They saw less of one other as the years passed. When the narrator was older, he attended university.

Why was it difficult to trust the author’s grandmother?

As the author grew older, he saw his grandmother in her latter years and thought that the sight he seen with his own eyes was accurate and that the image depicted in her tales was false.

What does it mean to be surrounded by pure white serenity?

an expanse of pure white tranquility –It alludes to the author’s grandmother’s calm, peaceful, and serene demeanor. She is likened as a serene highland winter environment.

How long has the narrator been aware of his grandmother’s wrinkles and age?

20 years

What caused the grandmother’s death?

She became exhausted and unwell as a result of her efforts. While praying and recounting her beads, she died. The author’s grandma spent her days in three different ways after he grew up. When they were sent for in the city, the narrator and his grandmother’s relationship was broken.

What was the grandmother’s tribute from the sparrows?

The sparrows silently paid their respects to the lovely old lady. They were saddened by her loss. They didn’t even touch the bread crumbs that had been tossed their way. The author’s grandmother’s strange behavior right before she died.

What was the grandmother’s reason for keeping one hand on her waist?

Because she was elderly and frail, the narrator’s grandmother used to keep her hands on her waist. She used to walk with her hands on her waist to provide support for her waist and legs. This action assisted her in maintaining her balance and walking correctly.

In the village, what type of relationship did the author and the grandmother have?

This is based on the famous and prolific writer KHUSHWANT SINGH’s chapter THE PORTRAIT OFALADY. ? When the author’s parents went to the city, he and his grandmother used to live together in the hamlet. They had a wonderful relationship built on love, caring, friendship, and mutual trust.

How did the grandma celebrate her grandson’s return home?

She became unwell the following day. Answer: In Khuswant Singh’s short novel “The Portrait of a Lady,” the grandmother celebrates her grandson’s return home by inviting all the neighborhood ladies to their home in the evening. She sung songs about troops returning home incessantly while pounding an ancient drum.

What was the turning moment in the author’s and grandmother’s friendship?

What was the turning moment in the author’s connection with his grandmother when he moved to the city, according to the hornbill of class 11? Noninoni.

In the picture, how did the narrator’s grandpa appear?

In Khushwant Singh’s short fiction “The Painting of a Lady,” the narrator offers a detailed description of his grandpa in the portrait. In the photograph, the granddad donned a large turban and loose-fitting clothing.

Why did the narrator’s grandma provide the image of a mountain winter landscape?

The author felt compelled to stare at her grandma since she was providing him with joy and happiness. He exuded contentment and serenity. As a result, when a person sees the winter scene, he or she has this impression. It provides a sense of calm and fulfillment.

Would you agree that the author’s grandma had a strong personality?

Answer: In character, the author’s grandma was a powerful woman. The following examples can support the preceding assertion: (i)The author compares his grandmother to a “winter landscape in the mountains,” which exudes peace and contentment. Only a strong person emits tranquility and ease.

What evidence do you have that the author and grandma have a strong bond?

When the author stayed with her in the hamlet as a child, Khushwant Singh’s grandmother was heavily engaged in his upbringing.

Who is The Portrait of a Lady’s author?

Henry James is a famous American author.

Khushwant Singh is a famous Indian author who was born in British India. He has written many books, including “Train to Pakistan” and “The Day of the Scorpion.” In his autobiography, he describes his grandmother as being “a woman of great beauty, with an angelic face and deep black eyes.” Reference: how does the author describe his grandmother and grandfather.


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