The main protagonist of the book is a painter, named Abu Shariffa. He decides to abandon his safe life as an art restorer and travel across Europe in search for one particular painting: Vermeer’s Girl With A Pearl Earring. Along the way, he meets some interesting characters who help him on his journey.

“Chasing Vermeer” is a painting by artist, Vincent van Gogh. The book is about the author’s quest to find out what happened to the artwork after it was sold in 1887.

What is the genre of Chasing Vermeer? |

Fiction for teenagers and adults


In addition, what is the central theme of Chasing Vermeer?

There are obvious themes of art, chance, serendipity, deceit, and problem-solving. The story was developed for the Balliett classroom to address real-life concerns. Balliett is a firm believer in children’s ideas and developed the book with that in mind.

What is the synopsis of Chasing Vermeer, for example? “Chasing Vermeer” is a fictitious book that entertains and educates young readers about art, literature, arithmetic, and history. Petra and Calder, the main protagonists, become friends, develop in bravery, and solve an art crime as a result of an art theft and other intriguing events.

Is there a movie called Chasing Vermeer?

A film adaptation of Chasing Vermeer is in the works.

Is there a plan to make a series out of Chasing Vermeer?

The four-book Chasing Vermeer series includes special additional material! Strange things begin to happen when Petra and Calder are brought together by a book of mysterious occurrences: Unrelated occurrences come together; an eccentric elderly lady craves their companionship; and a priceless Vermeer artwork vanishes.

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What is the total number of chapters in Chasing Vermeer?

This 38-page companion to Blue Balliett’s “Chasing Vermeer” has thorough chapter summaries and analysis for 24 chapters, as well as numerous additional in-depth parts of expert-written literary analysis.

“Chasing Vermeer” is a novel by American author Jeffery Renard Allen. The genre of the book is mystery and thriller. Reference: chasing vermeer code answers.


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